Creators Update destroyed Network Discovery on wired LAN

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    I have given up on trying to figure out how to fix this mess that Microsoft has caused. I spent two days trying to fix their mistake with Network Discovery, that I just mapped our NAS shares that my wife needs on the desktop that I have to use for a genealogy program that the person who wrote it, only wrote a Windows version.
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    jetgraphics said: View Post
    Addendum: The latest scanner is advanced_ip_scanner.exe, not scanner25.exe.
    I also experienced another problem with Win10 CU (1703) - the inability to re-install my PVR software (Beyond TV) - even when using cmd.exe in administrator mode. I tried rolling back to an earlier version, and the bug remained. Ditto, for the network discovery / master browser bug. This effectively ended my tolerance for Win 10. I have since re-installed Win7 on all machines and my problems are no more.
    It looks like Snapstream no longer updates Beyond TV, because they have gotten into a bigger market with education, healthcare and government.

    Next PVR, Kodi or Plex would be your best choices. I use Plex for our HDHomerun tuner that we have for watching Sub-Channels and the Cubs playing on one of the locals that is only in HD with OTA.
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    Eagle51 said: View Post
    Until MS fixes the Master Browser issue with 1703(Creators Update), here are a couple of workarounds that should work.

    1. If you have a router that has a USB port (and a USB stick) - Shut down all PC's, insert USB stick in the router (may need to reboot router), then start the other PCs. This should make the router the Master Browser.

    2. If you have a pre 1703 PC (1607,win7,win8) on your network - Shut down all PC's, start the pre 1703 PC first, then the other PC's. This should make the pre 1703 PC the Master Browser.
    It worked for me.
    After weeks trying to solve the problem.
    Many thanks
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    FRiver said: View Post
    It worked for me.
    After weeks trying to solve the problem.
    Many thanks
    I tried #2, but it didn't work for long. After a day or so, started dropping computers from the list.
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    I tried #2, but it didn't work for long. After a day or so, started dropping computers from the list.
    If you haven't already, on your Win10 PCs try the following ...

    Windows Services > Computer Browser
    Stop if running
    Set Startup Type to Manual

    Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters
    MaintainServerList = No
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    I have not seen one fix for how Microsoft found a way to hack their SMB to allow the discovery services under SMB1 to work with SMB 2 & 3. I just enabled SMB1 to see what would happen, since having to enter the IP of our NAS on the network was getting old. Everything is back in Explorer for those devices on the network that have shares available.

    As slow as Microsoft is in fixing the problems that they create to cause everyone headaches. I would suggest that if you do decide to enable SMB1 to fix shares not being there, then enable a Firewall rule to block any outside the network access. Do this at your own risk if you do not have a good Gateway, or continue to map with the IP of the device.
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    Like many here, I have one Windows 10 (1703 CU) computer that shows no other computers in the network other than itself. All other computers (mix of Win10 and Win7) show the others in the Windows Explorer Network, including the misbehaving computer.

    Running ipconfig /all on all computers reveals the one difference I can identify between the problematic laptop and all the rest. NetBIOS over tcpip on the wireless adapter on the laptop shows disabled. On all the other computers it is enabled.

    My Network contains the following machines (each with shared folders that need to be accessed by the others):
    - NAS box running Samba (this machine is configured as the local master browser and is elected as such)
    - Windows 10 wired desktop (version 1703 CU)
    - Windows 7 wired desktop
    - Windows 10 (pre 1703 version) wireless laptop
    - Windows 10 (version 1703 CU) wireless laptop - this is the problem machine

    I have tried everything to enable NetBIOS over tcpip on the problem machine. Checked this option in the network adapter WINS tab, modify registry key to set this option on this interface, run the PowerShell wmic nicconfig, performed a network reset and reconfigured, etc. After all of these, ipconfig /all continues to report that NetBIOS over tcpip remains disabled on this NIC.

    The problems I see on this laptop are the following:
    - Shows only itself in the Network
    - Can connect (non-persistent) to other Windows computers by name; e.g. \\servernane in Network address bar and these then show up in Quick Access until Explorer is closed or machine is rebooted
    - Cannot connect to NAS server other than through IP address; it can't find it by server name
    - Even though the laptop appears in the Network on all other machines, it is NOT accessible by any of them via clicking on the laptop in the Network or by attempting to access it by IP address. It can be pinged from all other computers.

    The bottom line is that NetBios over tcpip is the only difference and nothing I have tried will enable this service on the problematic laptop.

    Any ideas other than those I have tried?
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    Hoopster you have done everything that I have done and that is why I ended up just going back to enable SMBv1. Even Samba does not always work in a mixed environment, but Microsoft should have thought of the whole Samba/CIFS thing when SMBv2 rolled out, which is now becoming to the point that it is at its end of life and SMBv3 is where the NAS manufacturers are at for those that are on the higher end.

    I guess that we could just all resort to using FTP/SFTP if Microsoft cannot get their game together.

    I just went and tried a fix for Master Browser, because my Synology NAS is set to be it. Now Windows 10 is stating too many connections. I may just end up give up and reinstall fresh.
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    bro67 said: View Post
    I ended up just going back to enable SMBv1.
    Supposedly, both SMBv1 and SMBv2/3 are enabled on the laptop. The PowerShell Get samba config applet shows TRUE for SMBv2 but SMBv1 is blank even though I have explicitly set it to true via PowerShell, registry edits, enabling in NIC properties, etc. Other methods show SMBv1 as enabled.

    I do not think Samba on the unRAID NAS is in any way the issue; especially since all other computers can access it without issue and see all public shares. It does not appear that the NAS is limited to SMBv1. Most samba issues from the NAS side (excellent support and community for unRAID) seem to be related to Windows credentials and authentication issues that need to be cleaned up from the Windows side.

    I have set the NAS as the local master browser as it has an excellent utility for doing so and will report which machine is the master browser.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	unRAID locam master.png 
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    A reinstall of Windows on the laptop may be in order (what a PITA). What frustrates me the most is that this was all working last week even though Win10 CU has been installed on the laptop for a couple of months. Unfortunately, I discovered that System Protection was off on that laptop so I cannot just do a System restore to a working config. It seems that Windows version updates frequently mess with such settings.
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    I finally found the solution. Big headache of trying to find it, but the breakdown is at [SOLVED] Disabling SMB1 stops domain authentication - Windows Forum - Spiceworks

    You are leaving smb1 enabled in Windows Features under Programs and Features, since the Computer Browser Service is attached to that (Why Microsoft could not see that issue and leave CB to not get removed out of Services, shows proof that we are smarter than the idiots in India). Then just enter the following commands to disable the smb1 bugger:

    To disable SMBv1 on the SMB client, run the following commands:

    sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb20/nsi
    sc.exe config mrxsmb10 start= disabled

    Yep, works like a charm, just make sure if you have a NAS, that it is not set to be the SMB Master Browser, or it will break Windows, unless you feel like fixing Windows to not be the Master Browser, which to me is too huge of a headache.
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