badrobot: the rest of the hotel is being remodelled, and reservations are tight.

I don't have a cell phone, but as I said, my friend's Windows 7 machine works just fine when sitting right next to me, and that is why I am trying to find out how to do those same things in Windows 7 with this Windows 10.

Berton: that is not the security settings I was talking about, but I still tried it anyway, but no effect. The security settings I am trying to find are for the wireless connection as I described. I had that work before for a similar problem at home--maybe it will work here, maybe not. These settings are easy to get to in Windows 7 and Vista, but I cannot find it in Windows 10. Another option is that the error message and fix that Windows 7 gave my friend might also help. I would like to be able to try one or both of these, but I cannot find out how.