I've had various internet speeds over the course of using OneDrive to store my files. I had upload speeds of 35Mb/s, 42Mb/s, and now with FIOS about 880Mb/s.

In every case my upload speed to the OneDrive server was a fraction of my actual upload speed. Now on FIOS I'm lucky to get ~ 9MBps. I was hoping to get close to my upload speed which would be ~ 110MB/s. I got FIOS 1Gb/1Gb (almost, not quite) so I could upload quickly very large files. At the rate the upload is it would take me a long time to upload Gigs of data.

I'm guessing that the OneDrive servers are throttling maybe by limiting the number of concurrent connections. It seems to me that I'm only getting about 2-3 connections for the speed I am getting.

Anyone else see this slow upload speed? Is there anything that can be done about it other than to complain to the OneDrive team which I have already.