This is going to sound very petty and unimportant, but it's niggling me, as I have found something annoying in Windows 10's display of network components.

I have two Ethernet ports on my motherboard, the first of which is connected to my router, the second to my netbook, to allow me to transfer files between the machines as fast as possible.

It all works fine, but when I go to the Network and Internet settings in Windows, and select Ethernet, the two connections are both shown, but the wrong way around, with the netbook connection listed first and the modem connection second. They are also shown that way around in the performance tab of the Windows Task Manager.
If I go and look at the data usage, again the netbook connection appears as "Ethernet" and the modem connection appears as "Ethernet2", so it doesn't appear as the default as I want it to!

Why this should be I don't understand. The modem is definitely connected to Ethernet port 1 in Device Manager, and the netbook to Ethernet port 2, so why they appear the other way around in the settings is a bit of a mystery to me. Of course I could just reverse the connections, but I have a multi-boot machine, and this will mess up the order elsewhere.

Is there any way of changing this? I could understand if they were in alphabetical order of the connection name say, but I've tried that and re-naming them makes no difference.

Cheers, Dave.