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Two Windows VM's (Vmware workstation) connected to the same LAN W7 X-64 Ultimate and W10 x-64 Pro. These VM's are located also on the same physical HOST.

Connected Host drive as drive X.

Transferring 8GB data files -- around 73 Mb/s (approx 290 Mib/s) on W7

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Same files to same destination on W10 CU (1703) 8.3 Mb/s (approx 25 Mib/s) - approx -- 10X SLOWER.

If anything the W10 should transfer faster as the VM itself and its data are on an SSD.

Note - I've posted this here rather than in the VM section as this is a NETWORK issue -

Seems W7 realizes that the connection is physical and uses the full 10 Gib/s of the "Virtual network adapter" but W10 - drops down to a bog standard Wireless network connection.

Any way to speed up the W10 connection. Note this is for the CU version 1703. This problem was addressed in the previous version and if I remember was fixed but it's broken again. !!!