I have a Sagemcom FAST3686 router. I use it for my PC with cable and wireless for PS4, Xbox1 MacBook Pro, IMac, Sonos, and a lot of other stuff.

For a long time, I have had problems with a NAT3 and strict NAT in games. Both on the PC and on the consoles. Nothing have worked, port forwarding, MTZ or anything.

Then today I put my Apple Airport Express on the network. I put cable from router to the Airport and I still have the cable from the Sagemcom to my PC.

I have put the Sagemcom in bridge mode and disabled the wireless network in it. I have then set the Airport to DHCP and NAT.

Now I have open NAT on the PC and the consoles 😊

But is this a correct setup? What about security?

I simply donít understand why PC now have an open NAT, when itís still cabled from the Sagemcom, that is in bridge mode now?