Hi everyone

2 weeks ago we "lost" connection to the server away from work via Remote Desktop.

Prior loosing the connection, I was fumbling with setting VPN up on a different system. Bear in mind, that we can access the server locally, just can't access it outside the office. Doing a system restore prior fumbling episode didn't help, and I've been trying to find a solution ever since. And I feel like I'm out of bounds.

Can some please help?

The basic layout is as follow.

6 systems total.
1 Server w. server 2008 r2
3 workstations w. windows 10
2 laptop for connecting to server via RDP

Server and workstations are connected together via switch, which is connected to a router.
RDP on server is listening on port 3389 and the same port is portforwarded on router.

VPN fumbling was on my workstation. The server was never touched during that.

Router has been resettet and redid the ports, with no success.
EDIT: it's not a switch but an access point.