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The puzzle grows. There was another member who posted he lost his casting. Removed the most recent updates and it started working again. You on the other hand have not installed the March updates and it does not work. Maybe try installand see if they have fix enclosed. (LOL)

I can't remember if you reset your Windows 10 network on the machine that doesn't access properly but that may be the next step. Then rejoin Homegroup. You will lose wireless passwords. If you wish to try Start => Settings => Network and Internet

scroll down right hand side, click reset network.

There are these four commands that reset a bunch of things, indicated in brackets (do key in bracketed info). You may wish to try before network reset. Entered to command prompt(admin)

ipconfig /flushdns (Clear the dns cache)
nbtstat -RR (release and refesh NetBIOS names)
netsh int ip reset (reset ip settings)
netsh winsock reset (Reset Winsock Catalog)

You will have to reboot. As with any change it is always a good idea to have a restore point and given its recent flakiness an Image created with Macrium Reflect (with required boot disk). Maybe even boot media.

The plan is not to need any of these, the reality is to have a plan B.

You may wish to see if others have a better idea.

Appreciate the helpful suggestions. I believe that the problem can be isolated to my Win 10 desktop PC. I do take a disk image at least once a month, so resetting the network is probably going to be my next step, if I am going to sort this out. This is an odd one for sure. Will try that tomorrow. Thanks again!