I have 2 units of the NAS540. (1 currently disconnected) (when I had both attached what ever device was attached 2nd did not show up).
The (or both when attempted) unit is discover-able with the manufacture starter utility. And I can access the configuration menu from starter utility. As well as through a web browser based portal.
I have renamed device from the factory setting. (confirmed through browser maintence portal after power D & U of device)
I have set static IP for device. ( i have tried single lan port and used link aggregate where IP addresses were confirmed with router and set as static on device)
I have soft reset device for password and LAN configuration trying to solve this an no luck.
I have confirmed my router sees device and confirmed the IP address set within the device.
after a couple resets I have now gotten device to show on network but it is still showing the factory device name.
I can map one of the folders within NAS to network drive and tested saving data, all good.
the network drive still reflects the (\\NAS540) (W Device name in the map for w.
but shen I access device itself it shows the assigned name I gave it in device config. called Files..

Is there something within W10 i need to reset to show the device name correctly.?
I only speculate that the IP and network is NOT an issues.

This is not even address the issue when I connect the second device. I speculate that even through I adjsuted the device name of #2 within device configuration, W10 does not even display it on network since it is giving it the same default device name of NAS540.