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  1.    23 Feb 2017 #1

    More Windows 10 networking issues.

    I wonder about Windows 10 sometimes. First I had issues with it crashing when I ran IE11. With the folks here's suggestions I've been using Edge. Problem sorta solved with networking. Next I buy a dual band router because the current one in the home is 14 years old, and uncle insists on using it. I get him to agree to let cable company replace modem with modem/router, so he's happy and I run Ethernet to my bedroom/living room moving my router to there, then hardwire Roku and PS3. Things work good for a while, then I get hit with Trojan, after many MANY people here told me Windows Defend and Windows Firewall were "good enough".

    So I run out, grab a 2017 version of Kaspersky Internet Suite. Three days after installing it, their "safe wallet" no longer allows me to logon to my bank account unless I turn it off. (Kaspersky still provides safe web so I feel okay with this). Now another few days go by and it's like pulling teeth to connect to the Internet again!

    This is VERY frustrating! I work from home, although I guess you could say I'm "lucky" because I'm in between contracts right now, but my daughter still has to do here Khan 7th grade math everyday and video's are taking forever to load. FYI...when either of us work I move laptop into "office" and use a hard wired connection, it's required by companies that offer work from home positions for security issues.

    There has to be something going inside Windows. My last work from home job required I used Chrome. While because of a non-disclosure agreement I deleted all their materials but kept the browser. I even tried that and I cannot connect, wired or wirelessly...or if I do, it takes a ridiculously long time for pages to load. Now I have to pray when I hit sent this question will load. After I do that, I'm going to attempt to grab cCleaner and run that. Any other suggestions?
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    Okay, ran cCleaner. It found some junk as expected, cleaned and cleared all that out. Then checked registry, it also found a bunch of broken .dll's. Once that was all cleaned, I booted back up. It seems things are fixed now, but after I "re-installed" Edge, I lost ALL my current favorites I've stored including a list of several dozen companies I had found that I wanted to apply to. Please tell me that that data isn't lost and is stored somewhere on my system someplace!!!

    I forgot to mention in my intial post that while both Chrome and Edge had a heck of a time getting and staying online. Steam did not, nor did Upwork (a freelance work site) as they both loaded and connected properly. Right now I consider the issue possibly fixed, so I'm still open for suggestions on how to get Edge working right as well as finding all my current favorites.
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  3.    23 Feb 2017 #3

    Try this. Restart your pc. At the login screen hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click on the icon on the bottom right side of the screen and click on Restart. On the next screen click on the bottom icon on the left side of the window. Now click on I think it's called Startup Options on the bottom left side then on the right click on Restart again. Then at the next window press the 4 key to go into Safe Mode. In Safe Mode run a full scan with Kaspersky and remove all threats it finds. Now restart your pc into Windows and see if anythings improved now.
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  4.    23 Feb 2017 #4

    I'll try that safe mode option in just a bit. Before I do I'd like to update a few things since my last rather frantic post. After I ran cCleaner, Edge came back as if I had just installed it with none of my most recent favorites stored. I know I mentioned that in a previous post, what is odd, when I opened Edge up from the menu, then pinned it to the tool bar, I then moved it back to where I had it orginally placed it. For a brief moment all my favorites and my current favorites bar went back to how I had it. When I closed Edge, assuming that it would stay on the tool bar after I had pinned it, it didn't stay and I had to re-open it from menu again. When I opened it again, it was back to square one like a fresh install. All my favorites gone. Since I briefly had all them, it has to be there someplace, no?

    Sorry for the long post folks, but I NEED this fixed so I can continue job hunting! Which leads me to a possible solution....? Because of the lack of funds and a desire to provide some type of entertainment for my family I've "cut the cord" so to speak. To do so we are utilizing a Roku 3, Netflix and I run Kodi off my laptop with an HDMI cable to tv when we all can agree on what to watch. How does this fit in with the issue I'm having? Well, it seems it might be a conflict with VPN's.

    In order to watch some of the European content I need to use a VPN because they're region specific. Before I bought Kaspersky I had signed up with ExpressVPN not knowing that when I installed Kaspersky it also offers a VPN a much better price I must say! After my last post I thought I'd take a break and watch some tv via Kodi. Loaded the vpn, then Kodi, didn't have a problem at all getting online. In fact Edge and Chrome didn't have a problem long as the VPN is loaded.

    I think this is further complicated by the fact that even after the cable company came out and installed a modem/router, my wife's uncle still insists on using his 14yr wep encrypted, g spec router. That's wired into the modem/router and I'm on another port with a 50' cable to my living space. Because my laptop can still see his router's wireless signal, Kaspersky is constantly telling me to use their VPN service for safety reasons. UGH!
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  5.    23 Feb 2017 #5

    So you have old g router then you have connected new router to via cable then cable from new router to PC is that correct? Are routers connected LAN port to LAN port or other? Which router is doing DHCP? Set your DNS to &

    Open a CMD prompt type
    Ipconfig /all
    Then type
    Post results
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       23 Feb 2017 #6

    jayv2251 said: View Post
    I lost ALL my current favorites I've stored including a list of several dozen companies I had found that I wanted to apply to. Please tell me that that data isn't lost and is stored somewhere on my system someplace!!!
    Download Recuva and when you perform a scan, look for this location:

    C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\ User\Default\Favorites

    It is better to login with MS account, so Edge can syn your favorites or sync with Google in Chrome.
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  7.    23 Feb 2017 #7

    Samura...... His old router is directly connected to the modem/router with a short 3' Ethernet cable, on port 1. I have a 50' Ethernet cable ran down the hallway into my living space, and that's attached to port 2 of the modem/router. From my router I have hard wired my Roku 3 and PS3.

    TairikuOkami......Thanks for the suggestion. I was coming back to ask if I should attempt to go back to a restore point or if I should just run repair from advanced features and hope nothing else gets messed up. My only issue with restoring to an earlier point, it's the day before the Trojan hit and I didn't have Kaspersky installed yet. Your solution avoids having to attempt this.
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  8.    23 Feb 2017 #8

    Did a quick scan in Recuva, didn't find the file. Doing deep scan now. Figured out by going to advance settings I can put that file: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\ User\Default\Favorites in the search box instead of scrolling through 1000's of files. Hope this works!
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  9.    23 Feb 2017 #9

    Did deep scan, and that took 4 hours to do. Found something like 2 million files and ignored 400k more. But now I feel REALLY foolish, I went to advanced options and pasted in the above file....and forgot to change "yourusername" to mine! Before I spend another 4 hours doing a scan, can I paste that file into the advanced box...making sure I change the username to mine, and have it look specifically for that file in Recuva? Towards the end of that file it says 'MicrosoftEdge\user' should I change this to my name too? I was just remembering something from back in the good old dos days, can I use a wild card? Say like "*\user\default\favorites"

    In the meantime, I think I did fix the original issue of Edge not connecting. I'll know for sure very soon, because even if I can't get my favorites restored, I MUST get back to job hunting again!
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  10.    24 Feb 2017 #10

    Not sure what else to do at this point. There is a restore point saved on 2/17, the day before the Trojan hit. I'm wondering now if I should use that restore point, then reinstall Kaspersky, then finally running cCleaner again, making sure I don't let it fix that favorites file folder...or even back up my favorites?

    The only other option I can think if is run Windows Repair and see if the files are restored or not.

    Which would you do?
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