Shotty Internet on Windows 10 Solved

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    Shotty Internet on Windows 10

    A little background: I have researched this topic many times to find a solution to no avail because they either never offered a working solution in the thread before it died out, or their issues were antivirus related which I know my problem is either hardware or software, but research tells me its software and windows 10.

    My PC: HP m7-k211dx with Intel AC-7260

    The problem: My internet on my laptop stops working after random times of use, sometimes it works for 10 minutes all the up to approx. 5 hours. I have read that some intel cards/drivers have issues with windows 10 that they say should solve the issue but never do. When the card freezes i'm always in chrome (doubt its the problem because it does it before I open chrome and that's about all i use my computer for besides for college) and chrome (whole computer) seems to start to freeze and get gittery until chrome will stop responding and shortly after my wifi goes to limited saying i'm connected to my network but limited even though it lost all other networks including my secondary network (I have a 2.4G and a 5G) and I can't do anything other than reboot to fix it and sometimes i find it disabled in network and sharing center even though the hardware switch was never activated and airplane mode was never activated.

    Solutions I tried:
    Full reset of PC (problem persists)
    Downgrading drivers (problem persists/windows seems to find a newer driver even though I don't want it to and have uninstalled in My devices then installing the old driver)[Someone link me to a working old driver???]
    Reset network logs/cache in command promt
    I was using Symantec Endpoint Protection but never installed it again since the reset and problem still persists

    I could use any and all suggestions and if you need any more descriptions my problem sounds identical to this one but none of the solutions worked for me Wifi Network Adaptor disappearing - HW or SW? How to fix?
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    Hi GlossedOver

    This may be your lucky day from one owner of an Intel AC7260 card to another. Been there, done that.

    Supposedly the latest of the latest driver fixes everything but two days ago I was helping someone who was using and it didn't. He used the 16.10 driver and it worked, at least he hasn't been back to say otherwise.

    First we need to tell Windows you will handle driver updates. This becomes easier in the next release but until then

    Windows + R keys
    Enter Sysdm.cpl
    Click on Hardware tab
    Click on Device Installation Settings
    Click on No
    A menu appears (first time) click Never Install driver software.
    You may get a warning. Click the option that says I’ll take care of it (not exact words)

    I find that this sometimes gets over written with major upgrades (1511 then 1607) so I just re-install my old driver.

    The only driver I found that works is V17.0 dated February February 2014. Now I can't upload exe's or I would post.

    I can't find that version on the web but you can get damn close with these two links. One is for AC7265, same thing.

    You can pick v17.1 from this link (Windows 8.1 I assume 64 bit) Not sure if this one works, we are trying to get close.
    Intel PROSet/Wireless Network Adapter Software and Driver 19.20.3 Driver - TechSpot

    or v16.10 from the related drivers on this page. (Again 8.1)
    Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers 17.1.1532.1813 Driver - TechSpot

    Whatever you download, scan first. I can't vouch for Techspot but I consider them to be a site I would use. Your call.

    Now there may be some tweaking needed depending on your ISP. Things like disabling IPv6 and Wi-Fi sense but I didn't need either. I've been using this driver from the Insider days before Win 10 was released to public.

    Once you confirm it works save the driver in at least two places. It is getting harder to find from a reputable place.

    I can also give you my driver but we would have to exchange details and you don't know me. I use both bands and no issues.

    Please post back results.

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  3.    18 Feb 2017 #3

    see if this tells us anything

    Please download MINITOOLBOX and run it.
    Downloading MiniToolBox

    Checkmark following boxes:

    Flush DNS
    Reset FF proxy Settings
    Reset Ie Proxy Settings
    Report IE Proxy Settings
    Report FF Proxy Settings
    List content of Hosts
    List IP configuration
    List Winsock Entries
    List last 10 Event Viewer log
    List Installed Programs
    List Users, Partitions and Memory size
    List Devices (problems only)

    Click Go and post the result.

    Please download and save FRST 64bit or FRST 32 bit to your Desktop.

    Right click to run as administrator (XP users click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File). When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
    Make sure that Addition option is checked.
    Press Scan button.
    It will produce a log called FRST.txt in the same directory the tool is run from.
    Please copy and paste log back here.
    The first time the tool is run it generates another log (Addition.txt - also located in the same directory as FRST.exe/FRST64.exe). Please also paste that along with the FRST.txt into your reply.
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  4.    19 Feb 2017 #4

    Caledon Ken said: View Post
    [[post goes here]]
    Thank you for your reply and solution to the problem, I have disabled windows from handling updates/drivers and have installed 17.0 driver and after using it for 30 minutes no problems so far, i normally would've had at least one by now, so fingers crossed that this works. I'lll let you know after a little more use how its still going.

    Edit: Wifi stopped working but didn't make chrome or the computer freeze this time, stability seems to be increasing but not 100%, I'm gonna give the 16 one a try
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  5. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       19 Feb 2017 #5

    This tool lets you see the networks around you and the signal strength. Depending where you live get clear channels may be impossible although you would target for less populated.

    inSSIDer Download - TechSpot

    You likely are already aware, the 2.4 band does better for distance and the 5.0 for speed.

    Not sure how close you are to router so may be try 2.4 and see if that provides more reliability.

    Will be interesting to see what inSSIDer shows. This is an older version. there is also a tool for Android phones found here.

    Wifi Analyzer - Android Apps on Google Play

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  6.    20 Feb 2017 #6

    Ken, thank you again. I couldn't tell you how long i've been looking for a working driver but the 17.0 drivers are working perfectly. I'm not sure if I had the wrong one or if I had it half installed because i tried a different 17.0 driver and it said I needed a reboot, where it didn't do that before, and now i've been using the computer flawlessly no problems. Let hope it sticks
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       20 Feb 2017 #7

    Hey great. Mine has been working since early 2015. As I said with major upgrades, like the Creators release due this spring, it will likely be updated again and then you and I will reset.... again.

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  8.    11 Mar 2017 #8

    So it turns out it wasn't software or drivers, it was a faulty chip. It stopped working completely after downgrading the driver, so I ordered a new ac7260 chip and installed and it worked flawlessly right away.
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