As things stand I'm on my home network and looking at windows explorer and I can see my two storage drives connected to my router by Ethernet and access the all the files. On the Devices and Printers control panel I see only one of the drives.

I have been having a problem with accessing printers on the two different networks I work on and during troubleshooting I noticed that my storage drives were grayed out on Devices and Printers as was the printer that I always use. The printer showed up on my router table as well as being able to reach the printer using browser and IP address but windows status as off line. windows also status the two storage drives as off line even though they were accessible so I deleted one of the drives and now only one shows up, grayed out, but it is still usable with file explores. I have to think this has something to do with my printer problem but I've tried everything I know and can't get the printer back.

I finally deleted to grayed out printer and re installed it and it shows up now but the drive is still missing on the control panel.

Any Ideas what the difference is in how Windows 10 sees things?