The simple solution here is use an actual ethernet cable for internet but then I'd have to run a wire across the living room, drill a hole in the floor, and hope I don't mess it up measuring once, drilling twice. I would really rather not. Not to mention I don't have a cable long enough just laying around.

I have tried usb tethering with my phone. Internet speed is at its best but then anything USB malfunctions sometimes requiring a reboot. I have tried a fairly new Cisco wifi stick adapter with the errors occurring more often. The 3rd option is a cheap chinese PCI adapter which doesn't trigger the error but for some reason bogs down and drops all internet access from time to time.

These errors are also very noticeable playing any game online or offline by causing split second to 3 second freezes. As soon as I unplug the game runs as it should.

usbehci - Event ID 4 - A timeout occurred while waiting for the EHCI host controller Interrupt on Async Advance Doorbell response.

This didn't happen while using Windows 7, only W10.