Hi there

Any network gurus here who know how to do this easily

I've got a proper domain xxxxx.is with its own DNS servers

Is it possible to logon to the domain xxxxx.is and after validation connect to a HOME computer (NAS box) - I'd rather do that way than open up the NAS to the Internet.

I've decent FAST fibre cable so the HOME IP doesn't change much if at all (on 24 hrs) - and even if it does I don't have a problem as I run a command every 30 mins which displays the IP address and emails it to so I could always manually connect

The NAS on the HOME network is at a fixed LOCAL IP address and Port 80 is allowed so I could set up something like Apache server.

Just not sure how to link the external domain to the home computer NAS -- any ideas any one

(I can do the HTML / php bits to get to the shared NAS files and can "tunnel" to the Home NAS via Putty - but the Network bits are where I'm hosed).

So what I want to do - from Internet

Logon to xxxxx.is (OK that works fine)
now in the menu provide a link (depending on the user) to access my HOME NAS server

I've no prob with dynamic IP -- doesn't change much and I have the script getting home IP address (ISP one) every so often so I don't have problem if I have to enter an IP address to access my NAS.

I don't need web hosting apart from DNS servers -- my broadband - even on upload is more than fast enough and not capped.