One of the (many) drawbacks to living in my little town of 5000 full-time residents situated on the Pacific Northwest coast of Washington State is a serious lack of technology when it comes to things like internet connections. Yes, I can look up from my monitor now and see the waves crashing to shore as the tide comes in, but the BEST connection I can get through DSL is 12 mbps (which what they advertise that realistically becomes about 10). All television in the house is via streaming and when all of us are at home, there can be some pretty serious lags/failures from some or all of us.

To combat the problem in my own little universe, I've gotten a second DSL connection with its own 12 (but really 10) mbps connection and I at least have improved my own experience online. My question is this--if I were to reconfigure everything and bridge the two connections, and assuming I was home alone (read: no other bandwidth usage in the house), would I then get a usable connection of 24 (but really 20) mbps?