Can't see other computers in Workgroup on Windows 10 computer

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  1.    30 Apr 2016 #271

    Really weird but good that it is working now.
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       30 Apr 2016 #272

    Many times it is hard to tell if I stumbled on a true solution, or simply shook it hard enough for some mysterious and automatic error trap/repair routine to kick in and fix the root problem while providing no information about what just happened. It could also be a temporary fix and it all breaks tomorrow after a forced update. So far, I have decided not to switch any additional machines to Win10. Win7 Pro machines are almost completely trouble free now and the new features that Win10 offers have near zero business value that I can tell. Cortana? hilarious. Buggy and crash-happy is not hilarious.

    MS should have a home version with awesome and useless graphics tricks and automatic everything. A PRO version with all of that but adds some enterprise management features. Then they should release a RELIABLE version that ONLY HAS THE MOST RELIABLE AND NECESSARY features and can run for years without a crash. Kinda like Linux, but able to run all the software written for Windows. Keep it simple and reliable for those of us that hate to fiddle with a mysteriously dysfunctional machine for 2 days and then have the ongoing stress that it can explode again at any time for any reason creating a very expensive distraction.

    I am only keeping Win10 around for as long as it takes to setup a viable alternative. Microsoft is simply a rotten experience that is unavoidable in a typical business environment. I have some critical and expensive software that only runs on Windows.
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  3.    01 May 2016 #273

    Thanks for posting, rx8pilot,
    That really helps solve the problem.
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       01 May 2016 #274

    A little venting is not too far out of line after spending two days 'fixing' a problem that should have been locked down 10 years ago. I did post my 'solution' and then pointed out that I am not sure if that was simply a lucky break or an actual solution.

    You can skip the commentary if needed.
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  5.    24 May 2016 #275

    Try this:
    You need to modify the registry.

    1. Open regedit

    2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Policies -> System

    3. On the right, you will see ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin, ConsentPromptBehaviorUser ... etc.

    4. click on empty space, ADD DWORD(32bit), then name it "EnableLinkedConnections". Double click it and set the data to 1.

    5. Reboot and you will see the mapped drives showing.
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  6.    01 Jun 2016 #276

    indigouk said: View Post
    I have had the network visibility problem in a mixed Windows 10 & Windows 7 network for several months & tried everything.
    I have just renamed all my PC's so the computer name is in uppercase & my problem was instantly solved.
    Windows does't recognise changing the name to uppercase as a name change - so add a letter to the existing name first & then go back & change it to the correct name all in UPPERCASE.
    This may be of some help to some of you. I have tried this on 2 networks & it worked on both!
    You're my HERO !!

    I've been struggling with this for the past week and ready to pitch Win 10 into the trash. Changed all the names on my 5 computers and Voilà, they all work. Wonder what type of moron at MS decided to set this up.

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  7.    02 Jun 2016 #277

    Hi there

    glad you got it sorted

    Windows Networking has been a problem ever since Windows tried serious networking way way back with Windows 3.11 for workgroups.

    Sometimes computers see each other sometimes they don't --even identical machines with identical hardware.
    While I like Windows - Networking is always and has always been a real DOG.

    I have some Linux machines too -- and have NEVER had a network connectivity problem --they just work straight "Out of the Box" --OK I'll grant you that if you want to find some of the latest AC Wifi drivers (5GHZ band) then that's a problem on Linux but I use Ethernet-->wifi bridges on these so not a problem.

    The Linux SAMBA system finds all W10 machines - no prob but sometimes I get a W10 machine that can't access or even see another W10 machine in the group.

    I've given up trying to fix Windows networking - I'll just do it the long way - W10SYSA-->Linux-->W10SYSB. Network is fast enough anyway for the sort of files I'm transferring. I know it's Bonkers but I really can't be bothered to even attempt to fix networking with windows --a solution may work for a while and then you boot up a week later and problem re-appears. !!!!!

    I'd get some Network Gurus into a room at Ms and lock them up in a basic cold room and keep them there until they've got Networking 100% reliable.

    You really don't want "Your average Joe" to mess around with the Registry - and remember a typical Household now might have 5 or 6 or even more networked devices so Ms need to get their fingers out on this one.

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       22 Jul 2016 #278

    Looking in the wrong direction

    mediaman09 said: View Post
    Hmmm , I am having a similar problem but I don't use PINS .

    Suddenly, today, from my MAIN pc, I can no longer see my other networked PCs in File Manager. I can see all other networked devices, just not the computers!!! I can ping the other computers, I can remote access all computer vis TeamViewer, but I cannot see other computer or map a drive ( as I no longer can see them listed).

    On the other PCs, I can see all my computers, including the MAIN one. All discovery in on for all computers as it always was. Everything is on the same workgroup ; nothing is on a homegroup. Everything in on Windows 10.

    Was working fine all this time. until today. Any suggestions?
    Got a VM? If the above stuff doesn't fix it (which it didn't for me) it's possible that your system is using the wrong adapter to find network devices. Check your network & sharing centre and see if there is more than one connection. I found that my (physically disconnected) ethernet was connected to an 'unidentified network'. This turned out to be my virtual interfaces to the Virtual machine installed - which was not even booted. I disabled these network interfaces and immediately on running net view i saw all other devices.
    Good luck
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  9.    29 Jul 2016 #279

    RAULABUSADA said: View Post
    Try this:
    You need to modify the registry.

    1. Open regedit

    2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Policies -> System

    3. On the right, you will see ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin, ConsentPromptBehaviorUser ... etc.

    4. click on empty space, ADD DWORD(32bit), then name it "EnableLinkedConnections". Double click it and set the data to 1.

    5. Reboot and you will see the mapped drives showing.
    Dude, you are a star! This has been driving me crazy since I upgraded to Windows 10. I've not been able to see any non-Windows (mostly Linux) devices on my home LAN and it's been infuriating, but that reg change seems to have fixed it.

    Many thanks! :)
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  10.    01 Aug 2016 #280

    Gah! I got excited too soon. Since rebooting it's reverted back to as it was before, only listing Windows devices in Network.
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