Should I go for a NAS? Solved

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       31 Dec 2016 #1

    Should I go for a NAS?

    Hey guys,

    This post is not really about Win10 but I have been wondering about this for a while. Currently, all my files (about 5tb of documents, photos and videos) are stored on different hdds, the most important files being also backed up on external hdds.

    Now that my new PC is built and running smoothly, I was about to gather everything on two 8tb hdds, one for storage, one for back up. The thing is that my friend who helped me built the PC told me it would be much better to invest in a NAS.

    After reading about NASs for a while, I do see some advantages but do they really justify the extra cost?

    As usual, thank you very much for your help and have a very happy new year ;-)
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    1. How many PC's need access to the data?
    2. Are you streaming data to TV's or mobile devices?
    3. Do you need to access the data whilst the PC is off

    If you are not thinking of any of the above I would suggest that 8TB of storage On the PC and sufficient Backup Space external to it would be fine, and more cost effective.

    If you are intending any of the above and especially Number 3 then a NAS looks more appropriate
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    If all you need is storage/backup, many routers have USB ports that allow you to plug in a USB drive. It's kind of a poor man's NAS. It allows any device on your network to access the storage and doesn't require a dedicated PC that must be on to access the data.
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       31 Dec 2016 #4

    I use 2 WDC 2TB NAS drives plugged into my Router by Ethernet cable. All computers such as my Win10, Win7, macOS Sierra and Linux can access the files on them and work with the files. Also, the NAS drives are available to any other computer I Map them on using either an Ethernet cable or Wireless/Wi-Fi , convenient for storage of clients' data when I'm working on their computer.
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    All the above responses are valid and important, especially how you are going to use the NAS.

    I am using an NAS with about 9TB of storage. The nice thing is that I have my own cloud and can access it from just about anywhere on my laptop or Galaxy S7. I try to only use it with WiFi, but one can access it through a data plan as well.
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    Main thing to remember is you still need a backup option to your NAS.
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    cereberus said: View Post
    Main thing to remember is you still need a backup option to your NAS.
    Absolutely agree. Is exactly what I was going to say, but you said it first.
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    cereberus said: View Post
    Main thing to remember is you still need a backup option to your NAS.
    Here is the best setup, IMO:

    1. RAID 1 NAS: redundant drives in the NAS so that you can survive a drive failure with no interruption of service.

    2. Cloud backup, such as Carbonite, so that if you have a fire or theft, you will still have all your data.

    I run RAID 1 in all my desktops.
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    Cloud backups often hard as NAS is usually quite large and uploads could be too slow to really be feasible.

    Be sure you keep a backup offsite, as a house can burn down or a NAS can be stolen. RAID 1 will not protect against this.
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       01 Jan 2017 #10

    Thanks for all your good advice

    As of now I will just put more hdds in my pc, will most likely go for a NAS later.

    Given that I need 8tb of space, would you guys recommend going for four 4tb hdds (two for storage, two for back up) or two 8tb hdds? The cost appears to be very close, I am just wondering which configuration has the longest average life expectancy.

    Also, if you could add to your replies which models/brands you prefer that would be nice. For example, I usually go for Western Digital hdds but have read good things about the HITACHI DESKSTAR 7K4000.

    Have a very good year!!!
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