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    Caledon Ken said: View Post
    All excellent points.
    For the less technical I would just connect to services offered. You mentioned it is you and wife. I been in hotels and the only wireless is in common areas to get people out of their room. Then there are the coffee shops etc that NavyLCDR mentions, you won't be setting up your device. (and you don't have to carry router or cables)
    Follow NavyLCDR recommendations, always tell Windows it is a Public Network and if asked don't allow discovery or sharing with other devices. It's better to connect to a Wifi network with a password then a truly "Open" hotspot.
    If you want to really protect your communications you can look at VPN software. This builds a "virtual" tunnel that your communications travel through to keep away from any prying eyes in the hotel, coffee shop, airport etc.
    The problem with the Chrome Books is that they are a dumb device that run on Chromium OS, which is just the Chromium/Chrome Web Browser. They would have to do the following to use a VPN. That stating, of course they would also be paying a monthly or yearly cost on the VPN. I pay $39.90 through SmartDNS, so that I can get through the BBC Walled Garden. Have not had any issues.

    Set up a VPN on Chromebook.
    If you haven't already, sign in to your Chromebook.Click the status area, where your account picture appears.Click Settings.In the "Internet connection" section, click Add connection.Click Add OpenVPN / L2TP.In the box that appears, fill in the information below. ...Click Connect.
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    How are wires connected if:

    1- I have my own router at home,
    2-I have my own router at a hotel with Ethernet,
    I have a router at a hotel with no Ethernet

    This is the last and thank you
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    maranna said: View Post
    How are wires connected if:

    1- I have my own router at home,
    2-I have my own router at a hotel with Ethernet,
    I have a router at a hotel with no Ethernet

    This is the last and thank you
    1. The LAN (Computer) side of your internet modem or internet modem/router combination from the the ISP (Internet Service Provide) will connect to the WAN side of your router and your computers will connect to the LAN side of your router.

    2. The Ethernet connection from the hotel will connect to the WAN side of your router, and your computers will connect to the LAN side.

    3. Your router must have WiFi bridging capability. Your router will connect to the hotel's WiFi. Your computers will connect to the LAN side of your router.
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  4.    01 Jan 2017 #14

    I appreciate your patience and information.
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  5.    04 Jan 2017 #15

    NavyLCDR said: View Post
    When you are traveling, there is 99% chance you are going to connect to the internet via some else's WiFi - such as hotel, restaurant, library, wherever you happen to be. Hundreds of millions of people connect to these public type WiFi hotspots every day. The biggest step you can take for security is to have file sharing and network discovery turned off when connected to these hotspots. Windows is great because it has public and private network settings and you can turn off file sharing and network discovery on public networks and leave them turned on for your home network.

    Whether you connect the Chromebook via Ethernet cable to your router, or just use WiFi is largely a moot point because chances are you are going to have to connect to the public WiFi hotspot anyway. Now, there some advantages to using a travel router - and if you use one, make sure it has WiFi bridging - meaning it will connect to the provider's WiFi hotspot and then repeat it to your LAN side, either on it's WiFi or via Ethernet. I have used this one in the past:
    Hootoo HT-TM02 Tripmate Nano

    The advantages are:
    1. You can maintain network sharing on your LAN side just like at home. This is good for long trips with kids or other adults that want entertainment. It's USB powered so it can run off a computer or USB charger. You can plug a USB hard drive or flash drive into it and stream movies and such to WiFi devices like tablets or the Chromebook. I did this in our car during a long driving trip. I also did some trickery to share a cell phone's data connection through the travel router so anyone in the car could connect to the internet.

    2. When at the hotel, it will connect to the hotel's WiFi, usually. This gives you internet capability on your LAN side and still maintains your LAN network streaming capability. That also puts another NAT firewall between your LAN side and the hotel's WiFi.

    3. The travel router is better at connecting to weak WiFi signals. We were staying in cabins and the resort's WiFi was in the main lodge. The signal in the cabin was not strong enough to connect our computers to. I set up the router with the lodge's SSID and WiFi password, stuck it in a window, and went to the hot springs. When I came back, the router had managed to pull a connection from the lodge's WiFi and gave me internet in my cabin.

    The downsides:

    It takes time to set up. Connecting the router to the public WiFi hotspot is not easy because you first have to connect to the router to get into the setup webpage to enter their SSID and WiFi password and if they have the login webpage type security it doesn't always work without first connecting your computer via WiFi, gaining the connection, then spoofing your computer's MAC address with the router.

    It is also another piece of gear you have to haul around with you and it does require power, either from the computer USB port or a charger.

    On short overnight trips I don't bother with it but on our 3 week long vacation I was glad I had it.
    >>> Amazon has this; will it do? I also have to buy a charger for it which is also in Amazon,correct? HooToo Wireless Travel Router, USB Port, High Performance- TripMate Nano (Not a Hotspot): Computers & Accessories

    If this is it, basically do I bridge the motel's WiFi and set up this device? I guess the charger on Amazon is something I need for it too? Any tips on bridging b//c I just click bridge on my ISP and that's it. I have a feeling bridging the hotel's WiFi is more difficult. I was going to buy a router for my home. Should I still do so as this is just for travel or will this do the job? No sense in having 2 as cost is a concern for retired guys but I don't want to burn it out and be pound foolish. I'll gladly get this and a regular router too if necessary.
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  6.    04 Jan 2017 #16

    That is the travel router that I use. I may have posted an error, though - you cannot connect a computer to the Ethernet (wired network) port on this router. Your computers/tablets/cell phones have to connect to this router wirelessly (WiFi). The Ethernet port on this router is only for connecting to the source such as your internet modem or a hotel's wired network. So if you are really set on connecting your computer with a cable, this won't work.

    To sign in to hotel wifi, you would first connect your computer to the WiFi network created by this router. You would go to the router's setup webpage and on that webpage you would connect the router to the hotel's WiFi (or to the hotel's wired network connection if the have one).

    You can use this at home but it is a very basic router with only a 300mbps WiFi speed and short range. So if you want a faster WiFi connection or something larger than a small apartment, you will want a better router for at home.

    This little router requires a standard USB port for power. You can plug it into a computer's USB port for power or any USB charger. It takes a standard micro-USB plug for power.

    Here's more information:
    Hootoo HT-TM02 Tripmate Nano

    To be honest, though, unless you want to do special networking while traveling, like streaming media from your own hard drive or flash drive, I would not bother with using a router just to bridge a hotel's or public WiFi connection. Just using the public network settings in Windows 10 with file sharing and network discovery turned off is enough security for the average user.
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  7.    04 Jan 2017 #17

    I sent the link to see if we were on the same page. Thanks for the tip about charging off the USB port and not a special power source. Also I thought private was for home and on the road too. I will use Public to get tighter security and also use no sharing.
    I understand about speed and use for the road.
    I guess if you really want to use a router you may as well bring the one from your house. I travel once a year so its fun and no luggage issue. If I understand you, you bridge as you would at home then set up your router whether WiFi or Ethernet.
    If it is OK, I may come back with a link for what I think is a router that bridges.
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