Windows 10: How do I check to see if someone is using my bandwidth?

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       22 Dec 2016 #11

    Alicia J said: View Post
    Thanks for the information Plankton and Samuria. The tech is coming to the house on the 23rd so I'll talk to him about a reset or a channel change. I know they didn't try either of those options. I'll post back after that.
    The tech will not do any reset or channel change. If they go to the pole or to the house and the signal looks good, no problems for the Gateway when they get the test report before heading out for their tickets for the day. You will never even see them at your house. There are a lot of things the techs can do remotely from their trucks and people always wonder why they never see the techs. That is because the techs cannot find anything wrong on the company side.
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       22 Dec 2016 #12

    It's a cable connection and my ISP says it has the normal amount of traffic at the times it drops internet connection. I have a hard wired PC and the only other devices are using the modem Wi-Fi, are 2 mini iPads and one cell phone. The Wi-Fi devices are on but not being used at the time.

    I did the Ookla speed test. I'm supposed to have a 15 download speed. It drops to 5 or I can't even load the page to do the test.

    The cable company came out and changed the connectors (I don't know what you call them) on all the cable lines. The only thing they didn't change is the cable itself running from just in the house to the outlet the modem is plugged into. Could it be that?

    At the times we lose connection, my ISP provider says they can't even 'see' my modem on their end being connected at all.
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    Hi Alicia, Try shutting off your I pads and phone around the time the drop occurs...Its not the modem or any physical connection it seems. Some app or program on your system or network is sucking up the bandwidth.
    Did the problem occur suddenly? Do you remember what you downloaded when the problem first appeared? Something seems to be on a schedule. Have you run Malwarebytes to see if you are infected? Also try to change your DNS server settings in your system and your modem. Google on how to do it...I'm in a rush , otherwise I would do it for you.
    Don't worry, we will get it figured out for you.
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    Hi AnEdge. I'll try turning off the iPads and cell phone tonight and see if that makes a difference. They are all set to do updates manually but you never know. I have a VPN app on my cell and one iPad. Could that be causing an issue?

    I have the Premium real time protection Malwarebytes, but I ran a scan anyway and it came up clean.

    The problem has been occurring about a week. I don't remember downloading/installing anything other then maybe OS updates.

    I'll need to research the DNS settings.

    bro67 believe it or not the ISP service provider tech did actually come in the house to check the connections and swap out the modem.

    The fact that this problem is intermittent and happens only in the late evening makes it difficult to diagnose.
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    you can try also FING app in your mobile to check who is in your network at that moment.
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       22 Dec 2016 #16

    Ok. I'll have a look at that app. Thanks.

    I ran the app and it shows my wireless modem and cell phone. Oddly enough it doesn't show the iPads. I'll check tonight when the problem occurs.
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    On the configuration webpage for the router there should also be a page that will show connected devices and the IP address on the local network they are assigned. That page should show both wired and WiFi connected devices.
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       22 Dec 2016 #18

    Speed test sites are not the most accurate way to test your real speeds. You will always get false information and what may not be poor, can appear poor on those sites.
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       22 Dec 2016 #19

    That's good to know about speed tests

    I see all the wireless devices listed and one MAC address I don't recognize. Perhaps it's my wireless printer.
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    Alicia, when the problem starts, go into task manager, make sure to show all details and go to the performance tab. You will see an Ethernet connection and a Wi-Fi connection. Click on each. There you can tell if your system is running bandwidth in the background. Make sure all programs are closed and see if the graphs are high. In your case the Ethernet. Let us know. That's to see if your system is pulling the bandwidth. If they are both clean, than its probably an outside source.
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