Hello I'm coming here to see if you guys can help me with my WIFI issues in my laptop.
I've recently upgraded two laptops to Win 10 after replacing the wifi card with the one listed above. I used BCM943228HMB as it has dual band with Bluetooth that has a good stack to use the bluetooth side fully. However I've been having problems with the wifi side of things. I'll list the symptoms below.

- after being put to sleep/hibernate in one area and being moved to another with a different wifi it has saved, it will still be "connected" to the first wifi connection, and has to be manually connected to the new one
- It will sometimes be not willing to connect to networks it has connected to before. it will attempt to connect to the wifi network, only to end up saying that it "cannot connect to this network." while trying to connect I notice the wifi sign changes to the not connected ethernet sign before turning back to a wifi sign on the taskbar. it will usually connect if i attempt to do so after leave it alone for long periods of time or a restart.

I've been using the default wifi drivers given by win 10 for the wifi/bluetooth card, and haven't had much luck finding any updated drivers for it. I did find the bluetooth stack on the Broadcom website. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this issue? If I can't with this card do you guys know any other dual band/bluetooth cards that are good to use on Win 10 laptops? I wanted to use my Intel wifi/bluetoth card, but i've noticed that they stopped supporting most bluetooth functions since Win 8 saying Microsoft provides them, while Microsoft says Intel needs to provide them. Thanks for any help in advance!

Oh as for the laptops, one is a MSI CX61-2PC 499US, and the other is a Lenovo G580 (20150) with a bios mod to remove wifi whitelists.