Greetings Guys,

When Windows 10 (Home) edition impregnated itself onto my computer during that free download period uninvited, it did provide many new functions and was able to connect to the Internet. However, one day it simply stopped doing that. I can still access the Internet, but if I try one of Windows 10 functions such as the News - it simply tells me that it is unable to connect. That's the message I get from all of its functions. But I can access Google all right and the Internet no problems. It's just Windows 10 doesn't want to play anymore. Went to the Microsoft help desk and after a lengthy process, I had to reinstall Windows 10. Did just that. Waste of two hours or more. No effect at all. I'm not on ADSL 1 or 2, not on wireless and not of optic fibre NBN. I access the Internet via satelite Sky Muster. I'm not a IT expert let alone trying to understand Microsoft, but someone out there might just have the simple answer to this problem. Many thanks.