Wifi Network Adaptor disappearing - HW or SW? How to fix?

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  1.    14 Nov 2016 #11


    thanks for your continuing help :)

    Im my latest effort I have :

    -Removed drivers for wifi, bluetooth, sound and display
    (wifi replaced itself with, which I have kept).

    -from "Programs and Features" I removed
    --Intel PROSet/Wireless Software 18.40.4
    --Intel Wireless Bluetooth 17.1.1512.0771
    --Intel Smart Connect Technology

    I could not remove:
    --Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for BlueTooth Technology 3.1.3109.03900
    (error: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor".)
    Perhaps this is why the WLAN AutoConfig is still loaded ?

    - I stopped and disabled the 'Intel wireless zero config service' (start run mmc, add snap in, services, local computer), then rebooted (I assume it worked - it asked whether I wanted to save the changed window, which I did with a different filename from the default)

    Plus, I ran all your ipconfig & NETSH instuctions from above. (Mostly successful, I think - results: Free Text Host - The Anonymous Text Hosting Service - No Registration Required)

    And ran Network Reset

    This is all being tested now. 1 hour in - OK so far.

    (I also previously did all the above but with the Network adapter driver SW, which FAILED).


    While I'm here - what radio button should I check in MS Config>Boot>Safe boot> ? Both of these settings do not result in networking being enabled in Diagnostics Startup mode:
    Ms Config>Boot>Safe boot>Minimal
    Ms Config>Boot>Safe boot>Network


    Also, how do I selectively not install MS updates? I thought they were all pushed out compulsarily in Windows 10 (I have Home Edition).

    My update options does have a "Defer feature updates" checkbox, but the linked "Learn more" article(s) say it is not possible to defer or select updates in Home Edition.

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  2.    14 Nov 2016 #12

    You can stop WU updating your drivers by going to Control Panel, System, Advanced system Settings then Device Installation settings in Hardware tab, select No radio button.
    Click image for larger version. 

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  3.    14 Nov 2016 #13

    Regarding "Safe Boot": Choice Minimal and on the General Tab, choice "Diagnostic".
    Go in Safe Mode and trying to remove Drivers/Software there and then reboot in Normal Mode. Remember you have to change to Normal Boot by means of msconfig.msc
    I am disabling the Update Service completely, I turn it ON when I fill I should do. I do not want to losing Hours and Hours trying to fix things that Update broke, worst when it happens when I have no time for Fixing things. To Disable Updates Totally : run>services.msc>Windows Update - Properties : Stop and Disable

    EDIT: Bluetooth seems that Windows will not Install a Default Driver for it, I am not sure. In that case try the Intel Bluetooth Driver Package, only this one. Forget the "Smart Connection" if you do not need.
    The WLAN AutoConfig is part of the Intel Wireless Pro Package. Avoid it for now.
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  4.    14 Nov 2016 #14

    Well, it has bombed out (consistently with 2x "Error: WLAN AutoConfig detected limit connectivity, performing Reset/Recover.adapter.
    Code: 2 0xDEADDEED 0xEEEC"), but at least now it is fixed with a just (hard) reboot, not a full system restore. So that's progress, right?

    I'll try winding it back to Build 351, disabling Manufacturer's updates and using "safe mode" to remove drivers etc and (hopefully) "Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for BlueTooth Technology". Fingers crossed....
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  5.    14 Nov 2016 #15

    I am having also issues. Yesterday all Day, I had transfer speed of around 22MB/s . Today I installed the newest Intel Drives, now speed dropped to 16MB/s and I can not get speed back.
    I will give one more try and if it does not help I will go back to 351.

    EDIT: I am Unistalling KB3200970 (447) and will get the Stock 1363.0 build. After that I will restore an Image with 351 and disable for ever Windows Updates. I am full of this, updates breaking things and my PC being a test Machine reporting errors to MS.
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  6.    14 Nov 2016 #16

    I am very happy to go back to 351. Now I get the 22MB/s but I had to uninstall the from Intel and let Windows install the default Driver.
    Any way system , seems much more quicker with 351, things open at once, do not take ages to load, with that nerving "pause Delay".
    I hope you have solved your problem, if not I would suggest to do a Windows Repair with an In-Place upgrade, will not delete anything it just re-install Windows over the existing one. Afterword Download KB for 351 in Windows Catalog and install it over and AU (Avoid Updates).
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 351 speed.jpg  
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  7.    15 Nov 2016 #17


    I'm glad you got your problem sorted.

    -In the end I decided to disable Auto Updates entirely

    -I still couldn't remove "Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for BlueTooth Technology". I removed the drivers in safe mode, but couldn't use the Programs and Features "remover" while in safe mode ("Windows installer is not available in safe mode..."), so couldn't remove Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for BlueTooth Technology at all.

    -I reverted to 351 and disabled updates

    It bombed out after 6 hours with the ususal "2 0xDEADDEED 0xEEEC" error in the Event viewer.
    btw, I did find other 2 0xDEADDEED 0xEEEC events, which _didn't_ cause the Network Adapter to fail.
    I also discovered that restarting the PC TWICE brought the Network Adapter back (rather than having to doing a system restore).


    I am currently soak-testing the original condition (447 - the one when I wrote the OP) waiting for it to fail to see whether restarting twice brings the Network Adapter back up.

    I am also considering restoring to August (51, post Anniversary) status and turning AU off, incase it was one of the earlier wifi patches (351, 187/9) that caused the problem.

    I am also considering restoring to Factory conditions (Win8.1) and turning AU off to see what happens.

    Each of these means waiting 3-5 hours for a fail to occur, and I'm running out of time to spend on it !

    - - -

    Regarding the Windows Repair you mention: My system has a proprietary Recovery system (One-Key-Recovery software, integrated with a physical button that reverts it to Factory settings (Win8.1)). I couldn't live without and it would be a disaster if it got nuked.

    As this is not a vanilla Windows install, would the Windows Repair only operate on the OS Partion 5 (explanation) and not mess up the other Partitions (especially the OEM recovery partition 3)?
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  8.    15 Nov 2016 #18

    As for the Bluetooth uninstall problem, try instead to Install BT Driver, reboot and uninstall then and see if that solves the problem.
    Also, delete in Device Manager every single Driver that are present in Bluetooth section. Under Network, you can delete every single Driver, there are also Bluetooth Related Drivers.
    Do not forget to choice the Option "Show Hidden Devices" under "View" in Device Manager Menu.

    You can try this 2 things:
    1) Power off Laptop and remove Battery, wait 30s and put it back
    2) Power off , afterwords Press and HOLD Power button for 20s
    There are people saying this had helped their WiFi cards.

    About Recovery/Restore Windows:
    First of all, everybody should have a "System Image" from PC , this is easiest way to revert to a previous State.
    System Image is available under Control Panel>File History>System Image Backup.
    This System Image is complete automatic , also the Restore of it, you do not need to care about Partitions, Windows will manage it all automatic.
    You should also have a USB System repair Disc to Boot System in case of failure.
    This things you must have done, if you do not have it, you should do it now.
    The One-Key-Recovery , if it is still working at all, will erase every thing on System, at least I think it will do. I never used it.

    The Windows Repair, is not changing nothing in System is just copying Windows Files and Install it new over the existing Installation, so preserving all Files / Docs / what ever there is actually in your system. But a System Repair can not be done to perform a "Downgrade" , it is only working for the same OS Build or Upgrade the current Build to the Buid in ISO of the repair.
    To go Back to Windows 8.1, the options are :
    1) By means of an existing System Image, but going back from W10-AU seems that it will erase all Disk / Reformat /Re-partition it, at least in the restore Option this Check Box is selected and can not be unselected.
    2) Under Settings>Update & Security there is an Option to go Back to an earlier Build. This option is time Limited, Windows will delete all files need after some time and there is no more possibility to go back.

    If you do not have any System Images, I think your best option is to Unistall KBKB3200970 (447), afterwords perform a Windows Repair as I said above, and after it is finished install KB3197954 (build 351) from Windows Catalog.
    Because after a Repair, Windows UPDATE will try to install Build 447 automatically, it is better first of all to download KB Build 351 and Disable Internet, because to install the KB Windows Update Service must be enabled. You can also set your Internet Connection as "Metered Connection" so that Windows will not Update System over Metered Connections

    EDIT:Changing WLAN Card Drivers / Removing /Resetting/ Install will revert the Metered Connection Setting to Default
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  9.    15 Nov 2016 #19

    BobSter2, I think the path you should go straight ahead to minimize your testing time and efforts, try at first the Power Off things I told you above, then uninstall KB-447 and perform a Windows Repair.
    Then, Install KB-351 and see it issue is gone.

    If not , then I would consider to buy a cheap USB WLAN Stick and see if problem is gone.

    After this point you can definitively evaluate if there is something wrong with Windows or you WLAN Card/ Drivers.
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  10.    15 Nov 2016 #20

    BobSter2 said: View Post
    I am currently soak-testing the original condition (447 - the one when I wrote the OP) waiting for it to fail to see whether restarting twice brings the Network Adapter back up.
    ...still waiting for this to fail, at the moment (11 hours)
    thanks :)
    btw, was the power thing "1 THEN 2"; or "1 OR 2". ?
    I'm in the middle of nowehere and can't even find anywhere to buy a torx screwdriver to get the back off and access the battery! I've also been looking for a USB wifi adapter without success...
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