I'm using Asrock Z87 Pro motherboard with onboard Intel I217-V network adapter. For few years I was running Windows 8, and had configured computer to wake only on Magic Packet being received on port 9 - everything worked flawless.

Recently I made fresh installation of Windows 10, installed all manufacturer's drivers, configured network adapter as before (wake on LAN only on Magic Packet), also disabled all other wake timers - everything is set as before. But now computer keeps waking up at random moments around 30min to 1hour after being put to sleep and "powercfg -lastwake" shows that it's the ethernet module that wakes computer up, although it's set to wake from only Magic Packet. What the hell?

I also checked my router log files - only magic packets being sent are from my phone when I genuienly needed to wake up PC. Also I don't want to disable WOL functionality altogether, because it's very convenient to remotely wake and access home PC.

Could someone suggest what to try next?