Hi Guys,

This one has slowly been driving me nuts for a few weeks now. Not sure when the error popped up, as previously all worked well, so I suspect it's down to one of the latest cumulative updates!

Here's the low-down: I have two PCs ("a960" & "b960")connected via Ethernet through a router. The config of both machines is near identical (Win 10 Pro 64-bit)and both have a single hard drive, divided into two partitions. The system disk (OS/ software) is "C:", the other partition is where all user data is kept "D:"

All of the 'user' folders have been redirected to D: (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos). I have shared the entire "D:" on each PC, with full access to everyone. In network settings, everything is enabled (network discovery, file and print sharing), but password protection is off.

The problem is, that even though all folders are visible from each machine, only the Downloads folder is accessible - all of the others give the old "Windows cannot access/you do not have permission..." error when I try and access them.

The problem is the same on each machine - only the "Downloads" folder is accessible...

I even went as far as to try and set the sharing on the individual folders (rather than the entire D: ), but this gave the same error message.

I've attached a few pics, which may help to visualise what's happening

Now all I need is a solution!

As usual, all comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!



Here's the sharing of the "D:"
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The error message (for all folders EXCEPT "Downloads")
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Some of the network settings...
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