Hi Guys

I'm not sure what to do about this, whether to leave it as is and use the driver Windows thinks I should use or some how use the driver for the nic card I actually bought.

The manufacturer appears not to have a Windows 10 driver and the one listed on their website is dated 2013 and unlikely to work.

The nic card is working as expected and I get full gigabit speeds but for the past month or so I've been getting regular disconnections. I have been using a switch and for the past two days have bypassed it and plugged directly in to the nic card.

Since doing that I have had only one disconnection which makes me think its the switch. There is another switch plugged into the router downstairs and I do have a spare switch with which I could use to test whether it was that other one.

The main subject of this though is whether to entrust in a driver that Windows installs even though its not strictly the correct one and whether to get future updates for this driver.