Hi all,

Been messing around with the Netstat command (specifically Netstat -a -n -o) in order to determine what processes remotely access the network and wider internet.

I've been doing this to minimise or perhaps entirely stop my PC sending information to Microsoft or, worse, hackers who exploit Windows functionality to accrue information about the OS configuration, contents of the HDD and internet browsing.

Could anyone tell me why Netstat outputs the following information?

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
TCP [ : : ] <port number> [ : : ] : 0 Listening Any of a range of PIDs

Also, why do some Windows Processes connect to the local Router and then get a Loopback Address - as shown in the example below?

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
TCP Port Number ESTABLISHED Any of a range of PIDs

My search engine research hasn't yielded real answers.

As said above, I'm interested in isolating as much of Windows from other devices as is possible, while maintaining program functionality and usage of the internet.

Even if your advice doesn't solve the most previous statement, any useful information you can shed on this would be helpful.