For several month some software like Steam had their download speed limited to 2MB/s and I never found the issue.
But since this week, ALL my download speed are limited to 2MB/s globally. So if I update something somewhere at 1.5MB/s I can't watch/stream anything elsewhere on the PC.

My internet connection speed is 1Gb/s UP and DOWN so if I was limited at 20MB/s I would understand that the server/website could not give me more than that but here I just can't do anything anymore.

I checked for virus, malware, updated my drivers and looked at my windows policies to see if it kept all my bandwidth for him but no...

The cable is not the problem since I tested it and only this PC has a problem. Oh you might think it is a hardware issue but it is not because I booted on a live Ubuntu and tested the connection there : perfect.

So... I am open to all question and suggestion.


PS : MB = Mega Byte, Mb = Mega bit