RDP under Build 1607 killing running program on client, upon exit

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  1.    26 Oct 2016 #1

    RDP under Build 1607 killing running program on client, upon exit

    I've been using Remote Desktop (RDP, mstsc.exe) for over 11 years to access my internet radio station server (Windows 10 64 Bld 1607). Before the 1607 upgrade, RDP always worked the way I need it to (and I PREFER to keep it working vs other options). There are no other programs running on the sever other than Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium. I use RDP to run/manage my radio software on the server (SpacialNet's SAM Pro) and for maintaining the server OS and applications, etc.

    The server was upgraded first to 1607 (without my acceptance) but I allowed it to remain since the radio stream worked fine. I noticed each time I did a RDP session from my work PC (Win 10 64, Bld 1607), I would get connected just fine and able to do what I did before. HOWEVER -- as soon as I closed the session -- crap happens:
    1. Closed the RDP session, the radio stream stopped airing. I RDP'd back in, had to exit the SAM program, restart it and voila, the stream began airing again. As soon as I closed the session, the stream stopped. For now, I have to leave the session connected via RDP if I want to keep it going (that's my current unacceptable option)
    2. If the RDP session is in play and I then log into the server from its own console/keyboard, I kill the RDP session on my work PC and again (which kills the stream), I have to exit the radio software, restart it and get it airing again.
    3. I tested an RDP session from a Windows 7 PC and the same issue occurs which gives me the conclusion RDP in the 1607 is dorked up. I tested if from my new MacBook Pro retina and same issue -- kills the stream of the program
    4. I have triple checked the RDP (mstsc) settings to ensure to "play on remote computer" for sound and even tried the other options only to have the stream die upon exiting.
    5. I opened a ticket with SpacialNet (vendor for SAM broadcasting software) and this is the first they have heard of the problem. SAM software has NOT changed in two years so it's not SAM here.
    6. I posted the issue (a while back now) on the MS Community and cannot get anyone to give me feedback, direction etc.

    Anyone have a decent insight for me on this one?

    Will Mangold
    Will's Computer Support, LLC
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  2.    26 Oct 2016 #2

    Might want to look for these settings in the group policy editor:

    Configure Timeout and Reconnection Settings for Remote Desktop Services Sessions

    Look at the very bottom of that page. I don't know if those policies exist in Windows 10 Pro or not, though. I'm not at home and can't check.
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  3.    26 Oct 2016 #3

    Thanks for the quick feedback!!! Yes, Win 10 Pro has group policy editor which I'm not an expert on but familiar with and also, I had to go with "pro" in order to use RDP. That is, you have to have RDP on the "client" in order to remote to. Win 10 home edition will not allow "in". You cannot remote 'out" on 10 Home.

    And yes, I do see entries for "Remote Desktop Session host", etc., in the edit. I think you've gotten me in the right area which is very much appreciated! Trying to get this all resolved before I have to leave town for a week and will need this working right.

    I 'believe' I need to "Enable" the options I see and ensure it is set to "Never" --- make sense? Fortunately Win 10 Pro has the group policy editor.

    PS: you still active? I'm a retired O-3E (Air Force - 1994)
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  4.    28 Oct 2016 #4

    Still no-go based on settings I've been fumbling with. Need more specific direction on what settings need to be set. Would these settings only be set on the host (client) PC? I am looking for ANY setting that simply does NOT affect any running program on the client when exiting (OR) connecting via RDP.

    THANKS ANYONE for your help here!
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  5.    28 Oct 2016 #5

    On the host computer, In Group Policy Editor, expand Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Remote Desktop Services, Remote Desktop Session Host, Session Time Limits. Double click Set time limit for disconnected sessions. Set Enabled, then under options, select Never and apply.

    A program that I like to use on my RDP hosts is RDP Wrapper:
    Releases · stascorp/rdpwrap · GitHub

    It allows you to log in via a remote session without affecting the local console login on the host computer. Don't know if it would help your situation or not. After extracting the zip file I run install.bat as administrator then run update.bat as administrator.
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  6.    30 Oct 2016 #6

    Hmmm -- OK. Will try it.

    Udpate: I don't see any directions on setting it up. I've installed it (bat file run) on both PCs but not sure how I make a connection to the host from the client. Tried a few things out of the blue but not getting anywhere on connecting. Can't find any manual that tells how to make it happen. Is the bat file supposed to be edited first?

    Does RDP wrapper create a service? Is it always running?

    Trying TeamViewer now - really didn't want to get to this and sure wish Microsoft would ANSWER THIS!
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  7.    30 Oct 2016 #7

    RDP Wrapper requires no setup. After installation you just connect like you normally would. It only needs to be installed on the host. You can tell if it is running by running the RDPConf.exe file included. You'll get a window like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.JPG 
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ID:	108232

    If you see the green Listening and Fully Supported indicators, then it is installed and running.
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  8.    30 Oct 2016 #8

    Are you running the app when you login in which case it will die if you logout unless you runas system
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  9.    31 Oct 2016 #9

    Again, thanks for the feedback.

    Still somewhat confused here on the "connecting" part. Yes, I did see the window as you showed.

    So, it's on the host. What am I using to connect to the host? My native mstsc.exe program?

    Thanks guys!

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  10.    31 Oct 2016 #10

    wmangold said: View Post
    Again, thanks for the feedback.

    Still somewhat confused here on the "connecting" part. Yes, I did see the window as you showed.

    So, it's on the host. What am I using to connect to the host? My native mstsc.exe program?

    Thanks guys!

    I don't know if it is mstsc.exe or not. I just type Remote in the search bar and click on the Remote Desktop app that appears at the top of the list. You do log in remotely from just plain old Windows 10 Remote Desktop client. The only thing the RDP wrapper does on the server is intercept the connection request and instead of forcing the logged in local session to terminate first (if there is one) it creates a new session for the remote connection which can run concurrently with any other sessions already running on the host.

    This weekend I logged into my desktop remotely from my laptop and ran disk cleanup. As disk cleanup started, I clicked the X at the top of the remote desktop screen and got a message that the remote session would not terminate and any running programs would continue to run on the remote computer. I clicked OK and my remote session closed. I logged back in remotely and disk cleanup was still running.
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