I have been fighting with this problem for about a week, but finally fixed it and for what it is worth would like to share (no pun intended) with other members.

I have one Win 10 Laptop, one Win 7 Laptop and a Win 7 Desktop. My main machine is the Win 10 laptop which has two 500 GB drives installed. Drive 0 is for op sys, and drive 1 is for data files.

The Win 10 Laptop drive 1 was mapped from both the Win 7 Laptop and the Win 7 Desktop PC. I could access all of the folders and files on the mapped drive from the Win 7 Laptop but not from the Win 7 Desktop PC. I can see the Drive and open it but when I double click on my “User Name” folder I get an error message saying Z:\”User Name” is not accessible. Access is denied.

I can open all other folders and files and can create and delete folders and files on the mapped drive from both the Win 7 Desktop PC and the Win 7 Laptop.

I checked the “Share” status of the Win 10 Laptop Drive 1 and it shows “Shared.” I have also checked the permissions and the two users listed have Full Control, Change and Read checked.

On the Win 10 Laptop, I opened the Drive 1 folder, Right Clicked on my “User Name” folder and selected “Share With” which opened a window listing “Stop Sharing”, “Homegroup (view)”, “Homegroup (view & edit)” and “Specific Users.” Double clicking on “Homegroup (view & edit)” solved my share problem.

This share problem cropped up recently, cause unknown. I have never had reason in the past to get involved with “Homegroup” either.

Peter B.