Iíve recently been experiencing a network issue in which web pages suddenly will fail to load, despite the wifi connection remaining fine. It happens randomly but is guaranteed to happen within the first hour of browsing the web. It does not happen with other devices, and when it does happen, those other devices can browse the web just fine. Yes, Iíve reset my router and switched to different channels, and my signal is fine. Also tried both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, both have the problem. Also tried different drivers, happens with all drivers. Also messed with advanced settings in device manager, but Iíd need guidance with what exactly I should do there. When the drop happens, running the windows troubleshooter immediately fixes the problem. Screen shots on the browser errors and troubleshooting report attached in this post.

I started experiencing this after I upgraded my CPU, from the i5-4690 to the i7-5775c. Network adapter is the Asus PCE-AC68 with latest 2114 driver. My motherboard is the MSI H97M G43, which is running the latest BIOS updated to support this processor. Video card is EVGA GTX 1070 SC. I may have updated my video card driver around the time I did my processor, so Iíll have to try out an earlier video card driver. I have the PCI-e card inserted in a full size slot, and even though it was already in that slot, maybe putting it in the x4 slot will do something.

What is strange is that if Iím watching a stream, on twitch for example, and the problem happens, new web pages will not load but the stream will continue to play and I can see the buffer health not losing seconds, confirming itís still using the internet. Any help appreciated.