I have a win10 machine here that is getting worse and worse. Now it is off the web permanently, I can't connect at all.

It was intermittent and then progressively worse and now totally off.

It is supposed to be connecting via wifi3 whatever that means. The third wifi dongle I've put in since I've been hassling with it?

It claims it cannot see any available networks. A machine one metre away also running win10 sees four or five.

The machine is on an Asus H170 pro gamer board with an i3 cpu.

Here are some of the rough notes I eventually started jotting down as the thing went on, in no particular order but just as they came to me. You can see I finally got exasperated enough to start doing it when the machine started not even waking up:

. Machine doesn't wake up after it has gone to sleep from inactivity - or machine starts the onboard fan but there's no video signal. Plug a different monitor in and it, too, reports no signal. So it is the board.

. How to shut down the board in such a case with a keypress or two? I have to hold the start button down for a long time.

. When it reports it cannot see any networks I can find no way to compell it to search for networks.

. Reported 'wifi2 not a valid IP configuraton' - what on earth does that signify?

. Reported possible problem with windows adapter or access point or network cable. There is no cable, it's wifi, the 'adapters' - wifi dongles - have been changed and proven to work in other machines.

.The square box at bottom right which is sometimes there and sometimes not allows access to 'network settings' and they report wifi2 is switched off. I switch it on again and sometimes that's okay and other times it won't - will not - switch on. It reports 'on' - i.e. the slider moves over and it changes colour - but the square box still reports 'off' and there's no connection. Like half the machine doesn't know what the other half is doing.

. Sometimes - a few times - it will suddenly ask for the network key for my Telstra connection where it has it and it should be (and usually is) connecting automatically.

. Network settings can sit on the screen there refusing to respond. Opens at the VPN page for some reason.

. The wifi and the aero squares come and go I don't know why.

. Internet connection detecting problems takes forever - minutes, obviously something wrong with it.

. Switching off - via software - sometimes most recently has only switched off the monitor, the computer fan just keeps going, the board is obviously still alive.

. Hangs forever on 'windows settings'.

. I can click 'network settings' from that square in the bottom right and I get a big blue window with a cogwheel in it that allows me to do nothing at all.

. wifi3 now. disabled. I cannot enable it.

What can I do about this mess, anyone know? got any ideas?

This should be the best machine in our house. It is the worst.

I have an old D945GTP board running win10 better than this. Is it the board or just win10 somehow?

It is a new setup and I've installed a few things but not much. Open Office would be the biggest. I've run Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, rkill, jrt, spybot and adwcleaner all to no effect.