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One thing Windows has been HOPELESS at ever since Windows 3.0 when they started attempting Networking via an old DOS LAN type of system is their whole networking system.

Just recently I keep getting Network outages on Windows - or Network thinks its Public - even though set to Private. No malware on machine and router logs indicate no untoward attempts or uninvited logins. My ISP is 100% OK - no probs there at all.

My Linux VM has no problem still having FULL access to the Internet while Windows gives me "Not connected to any network" !!!!!

If the VM can still connect WHAT'S UP WITH WINDOWS HOST NETWORKING -- Caps intended.

How in the world can Anyone on this planet or anywhere else in the known universe recommend Windows for any sort of reliable consistent 24/7 Networking !!

I Like Windows but please MS get some people to well and truly sort out Networking total MESS Windows has had ever since its inception.

Here's the screen -- you can see on the Windows screen there's the yellow exclamation mark at the bottom right on the adapter (It's LAN connected so no wifi problems are causing this issue). The VM is working perfectly !!! - VMware workstation --Host is Windows x-64 Pro.

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The VM is still having full access to BBC site (and the Internet) but Host Windows can't connect to Internet - and I really don't want to reboot Host. !!!!!!

Grhhhhh!!!! - C'mon Ms so many people have Networking issues with Windows PLEASE FIX !!!!!!!!!.