Hi I have this nasty issue and would like a solution or suggestions
1 desktop 3 laptops on the same network. Network speed download 6Mb (not much but stable )
desktop and 2 laptops on windows 10. 1 Laptop on windows 7. All pcs are fully updated including drivers etc.

Playing youtube with HTML5 (on all pcs) on the windows 7 no issue (buffer fills up to 100 seconds and higher connection speed shows 6Mb) . on all windows 10 machines youtube html5 buffers load maybe 5 to 10 secs then empties waits and then loads again a few seconds. Connection speeds varies between 800k and 1.2MB (so way under the network speed). In the task manager I can see that the net speed doesn't change and has plenty of bandwidth to support the stream.

I took one of the windows 10 laptops to an other location with a 100Mb network and this same laptop now streams YouTube without any issues. But also with a reduced connection speed for the HTML5.

How do I solve this at home. How can I let the windows give the full network speed to the application as it does in windows 7???
I looked every where but can't find an answer......? All suggestion thoughts, pointers welcome.

Thanks JanZ

Ps. I did contact Microsoft on this and all they can come up with is update your drivers, clear your cache and their standard list all done up to a full repair but of course no success

ps2. Netflix plays fine If I use the app. Some other applications stream fine as well others show the same issue like YouTube (like MSN etc)

ps3. Used different browsers edge, chrome exactly the same issues