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  1.    26 Sep 2016 #1

    Laptop wireless speed much higher than wired

    Did the anniversary update on my HP DV 6700 entertainment laptop, took over 2 days......
    checked wired speed only 7mbs, but wireless 27 Mbps

    have a pc on same router and wired is 27mbps.

    have uninstalled / reinstalled network card from laptop but didn't help....tried to install GeForce experience to see if it will detect new drivers , but failed to install, just stopped installing after an initial try !!!

    any help would be appreciated..
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    Bad network cable, incorrect Ethernet adapter settings, Gateway may not be set properly for Full Duplex and Auto.

    Too many factors when it comes to wired networking, without actually being able to lay hands on it.
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  3.    26 Sep 2016 #3

    I did some research and changed the auto setting in the advanced setting to full 100 duplex in the network card...tried a speed test and on auto got 7mbps Whilst with the manual setting got 80mbps....
    thats it, thought I had cracked it....then I tried oopla speed test and got 30mbps regardless.....every online speed test gave different results.
    I now plan to do a 500mb download from a fast site and time it exactly on the laptop on wired both settings then on wireless....

    maybe be at least I will know the true speed.

    the laptop wired goes via a switch hub then to,the router, other PC' s also connected to this and get amazing speeds, have changed Ethernet cable to the laptop.
    I know there are many factors, but maybe a checklist to try with some options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddwarf4ever View Post
    with the manual setting got 80mbps.... then I tried oopla speed test and got 30mbps regardless
    The achievable speed will be limited by the slowest device in the chain linking your PC to the website. It's all very well setting your network card to 100mbps, but if your ISP only provide 30mbps broadband that's the best you'll get (or less, depending on contention).
    You local council says:
    About Superfast Essex
    As part of a national programme, we are working to provide broadband speeds of 24Mbps and above to more than 120,000 homes and businesses in Essex.

    For speed testers, I agree with the 'Superfast Essex' recommendations - these give reliable results for me.

    PS: how's XI for you? (you do know its out now?)
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  5.    26 Sep 2016 #5
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    I have a Engenius EAP1750h that my Macbook Air and my wife's laptop running Windows 10 AU, always shows around 867, with speeds at around my max of 47 down, 5.5 up with U-Verse. That is because I am always in the same room. If I go 100-150' from the house, I can get around 7.5mbps down. It is all about strength of the wireless radio and what is between you and it.

    My network stuff is in my profile if you want to look at my equipment. I get the same speeds on both of my A/P's, which the other is a ECB350. I also get the same wired. I always tell people to use inSSIDer to check for multi-path and interference that can cause your signal to go down. That includes stuff like Wireless speakers and sub's, along with microwave ovens and even Bluetooth.

    The other item I suggest for people to have in their tool bag is a simple Cable Tester to check to make sure that all 4 pairs of wires from the jacks or even jumpers being used for Ethernet do not have a possible open wire that could make it to cause the device to the gateway or gateway to device to drop down to Half-Duplex and 10mbps.
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  6.    27 Sep 2016 #6

    my problem is with the wired connection and the cable is fine, I do actually have a cable tester
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  7.    27 Sep 2016 #7

    Quote Originally Posted by Bree View Post
    The achievable speed will be limited by the slowest device in the chain linking your PC to the website. It's all very well setting your network card to 100mbps, but if your ISP only provide 30mbps broadband that's the best you'll get (or less, depending on contention).
    You local council says:

    For speed testers, I agree with the 'Superfast Essex' recommendations - these give reliable results for me.

    PS: how's XI for you? (you do know its out now?)

    Hi there
    24 MBps is these days a DINOSAUR speed -- just try 3 people on your network downloading say a 4K UHD film simultaneously.

    No wonder BT is called Bovine Telecomms -- the only way you'll get mega fast broadband is if the politicians start investing in FIBRE OPTIC cable the whole way and get BT's Openreach out of the loop with their old copper wire connectors for some of the pieces.

    However I can't understand if the OP's LAN cables are OK and the Router is working properly why even a 100Mbps LAN card (the better ones are 1GBps_ should be slower than the average wifi speed assuming 2.4 GHZ connection (although with 5GHZ and decent wifi connections that could easily change as 5GHZ on ac protocol can theoretically push out 433 mbps - although I doubt in practice if you'll get anywhere near that).

    I'd unplug every connected device - switch off ALL smart phones (yes - especially to anybody under about 28 - these things do actually have an OFF switch !!!!) leave for 10 mins and then start up again. A total router reset usually fixes stuff with resetting every device holding an IP.

    Bad LAN cable also causes horrendous loss of signal BTW.

    Your internal LAN speed doesn't depend on your ISP connected speed -- so connecting HDD's and computers over LAN can work at the max speed your router and LAN cards are capable of. Connecting to the Internet though is another matter -- that's where the ISP connection quality counts -- UK is a bit slow on decent broadband - if you must use wifi try the 5GHZ band - less contention than 2,4 GHZ. For LAN shouldn't make any difference.

    I'm assuming LAN goes straight into router -- not via a WIFI-->LAN bridge or a Wifi extender with your LAN cable plugged into that.

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  8.    27 Sep 2016 #8

    Have to have a look at the specs for my HP dv6700 entertainment version and see what speed the lan card is..

    maybe a Usb high speed wireless adapter could be better that possible

    HP Pavilion dv6700 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC Product Information | HP® Customer Support
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  9.    27 Sep 2016 #9

    Hi there

    If you have access to 5GHZ wifi an excellent solution is to go for the wifi-->Ethernet bridge.

    I'm using an EDIMAX BR-6208AC in Wifi-ethernet Bridge mode

    I have 2X NAS servers running CENTOS Linux but no wifi cards on the servers so I've plugged both of them into the LAN slots on this router which picks up the 5GHZ from my main box (it works also in 2.4 GHZ if you don't have a reliable 5GHZ connection).

    I don't want LAN cables all over the place and "Woman" absolutely refuses to have any more boxes / cables near the main TV !!! so I had to move the two NAS servers (little cube things - HP Proliant GEN 8 boxes running Linux with PLEX etc)/

    I'm regularly getting 50 mbps from both boxes simultaneously - and no probs streaming4K UHD movies to 2 4K TV's concurrently.

    Mind you I do have 500 mbps connection - being upgraded to 1gbps later --advantage of small countries reliant on decent communications).

    I'd suggest the edimax router solution -- up to 4 lan connections and should certainly give you more than adequate LAN connection speed.

    The throughput of the router is just fine.

    I think in the UK you can get these from Amazon

    EDIMAX - Wireless Routers - Dual-Band - AC750 Multi-Function Concurrent Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

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    just some tips:
    To test your LAN or WLAN speed use the Windows Build in Monitor, they accurate. Open TaskManager>Performance there you have Ethernet und WLAN. There is a the bottom the "Resource Monitor" which gives further more detailed information.
    Try to copy a large file, for example a Windows ISO file between your PC´s, LAN / WLAN and watch the speeds. Like that you can see if your Cables/Router/Switches are working well.
    About Speeds, a 100Mpbs LAN will give a max. transfer speed of 2,7MB/s (that will be shown in Windows Explorer )
    In "Resource Monitor" you will see 21.3 Mbps for the same speed of 100Mbps.
    A WLAN with 300/150 will give give the max, of 8MB/s / 4MB/s, in "Resource Monitor" will be 64Mbps / 32Mbps respectively.
    If your ISP gives only 24Mbps, your intenet Speed (shown in Windows) will be max. 1,92MB/s or 15,4Mbps
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