Windows 10: Rural User Microwave Dish via POE Connection - HELP - 3 Dead Routers

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    Rural User Microwave Dish via POE Connection - HELP - 3 Dead Routers

    3 dead routers, all of varying quality.

    TP Link

    All three devices were properly installed and worked flawlessly for a week or 2 or 3. All three devices failed in one of two ways. The Netgear and the TP Link simply stopped connecting via the POE. The D-link has been a bit more resilient in that it has not completely failed, just provides spotty internet connection. Netflix will not stream via WIFI-connected devices and the one PC that is hardwired simply won't load pages after 1 or 2 sites have been accessed. When the router is removed from the equation, a single PC connected to the dish via the POE does work reliably.

    It's just that simple - something, I don't know what it could be - is impeding and or killing wireless routers that are connected to the POE.

    This issue is completely beyond my ken - help me, Ten Forums, you're my only hope.
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    Did some research regarding WIFI and RF interference. Haven't found anything concrete, but sometimes a microwave oven can impede or degrade a WIFI signal. My PC is in the kitchen and we do have an aforementioned oven. Unplugged it and there was no improvement? Is that because the damage is already done or because the unit wasn't the problem to begin with?
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    You are correct, the microwave oven will cause interference for wifi - when the microwave oven is actually on/actively being used. Just having it plugged in to power isn't an issue. I have a couple thoughts; One, I understand all three routers worked to start with, but have you checked the routers settings/ISP spec as to whether the router is set correctly? Maybe it needs to be manually set to obtain its internet via POE? Also checked there aren't any of your devices getting conflicted IPs? I had an issue once where if I turned my TV on to stream Netflix via wifi, then turned on my cell phone's wifi, the cell phone wouldn't get internet - and vice versus. Once I realized they were getting the same local IP, I reserved a different IP (in the router) for both of them and problem solved. Maybe yours is doing something similar? Another thing I would check - at least in the netgear - is if it has QOS enabled?
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    Doubtful the Microwave oven has any issues. Why are you using POE adapters with the Gateway's? Also keep in mind that if the line is not properly protected and grounded with a Lightning protector. Any poor electrical, improper grounding or loose Neutrals and grounds, can end up causing voltage to go back to the dish and come back in through the coaxial stinger, thus frying the Ethernet ports and chipsets.

    Take off any POE adapters and leave the Coax connected to the dish with nothing attached that can power it. Take a Digital Multi-Meter and check from the block outside that is supposed to be connected to the ground at the meter and see if you get any voltage. Then go out to the dish and attach a length of wire to a ground rod in the ground to see what the voltage difference is between Earth and the dish metal. After that, you need to go get a Orange extension cord that are always cheep and remove the two prongs for the Hot and Neutral, leaving the Ground pin in. Plug into an outlet on the house and take it out to the dish to see if you get any voltage on the meter. Same thing with checking an outlet ground and the block on the side of the house for the coax to the dish.

    All said and done, if you find any voltage on that coax or dish with no power going to it to power the LNB, you have issues at the house that you need to get an electrician in to go over the meter base connections and breaker panel connections. Power Company would check their side at the transformer for any corrosion. and Parts Express sell a Gas Discharge unit that screws on the ground block and then the coax attaches to that. Just make sure that the ground wire from the block is at least #10 and attaches directly to the ground rod or bare ground wire for the Meter. This IEEE book explains why it is so important that any attached Com, Antenna & Satellite lines have to be properly grounded.
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    The Netgear Router was stellar and it's QoS was a breeze to set up.

    The dish in question gets its power from PowerDsing 3001 POE box, so I'm stuck with that.

    bro67 - thanks for the information. I do believe I may be dealing with crappy home electrics. My setup is on a kitchen wall with two outlets, one side works and the other doesn't. I didn't think much of it, but your description of a voltage burst round-trip pretty much matches my results.

    I'll run through your tests and see what's what.
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    Corrosion on the taps at the meter or transformer is usually the culprit.

    Sorry for the long post. That is about as simple as I could get on troubleshooting the problem. It is basically a problem when let go for too long.

    Any Aluminum wiring if there is, including the drop to the house, should have Noalox and proper connectors, along with all panel connections tight.
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    I'm fairly certain that the electrical line the PC is on will test as leaky - in that case, would a decent UPS be a good way to mitigate the problem?
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    loaba said: View Post
    I'm fairly certain that the electrical line the PC is on will test as leaky - in that case, would a decent UPS be a good way to mitigate the problem?
    No, since you would not have a good ground and any loose connections can cause arcing which would trip the UPS too many times. If you are comfortable with turning off the main breaker and check every screw inside the panel to make sure they are tight, pull each breaker to check for any signs of arcing, that is the easy part. The hard part is taking out the outlets and checking them.

    Now of course with the gear that is connected directly to the receiver for the LNB, it could be a failing SWiM, or the ground is carrying voltage which can be confirmed with a quick meter reading at the block on the house to a ground point like the Meter pan if you know that it is grounded.

    When we had our siding replaced, I ended up correcting stuff that the contractors caused. Such as pulling outlets away from the house before I could disconnect the wiring, which led to tripping breakers. It also gave me a chance to install a GFCI outlet for my line out to my garage and also a known good ground point, so that I would not have to dig out where the ground rod is.

    I took the CATV, DSL, Satellite and grounded to the ground wire on the ground rod with a Split bolt. I had some #8 solid laying around from when I ripped out all of the original and messed up wiring in our house when we moved in and had a new panel put in place.

    I had an issue with an imblance of legs that the city utility that supplies our power came out and pulled the meter and then checked their end and to the panel. They did notice a bit of corrosion and tool the meter and plugged it in and pulled it a few times to get rid of that corrosion. After that no imbalance and no leaking of current to the ground that I was getting at the panel.
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