NAS looses DNS name Solved

  1.    05 Sep 2016 #1

    NAS looses DNS name

    Since two weeks, I can not find my QNAP NAS with the name, only with the ip address.
    After a forced restart, everything is back.
    But after the automatic shut down over the night and automatic restart the day after, the problem is back.
    The only difference between the automatic and the forced restart, as far as I know, is that in the first case my laptop is closed and in the second case my laptop is in use.
    I have done no updates in the past two weeks.
    Any suggestions that can explain what is happening or what a solution could be?

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    Welcome to the forum locally DNS isn't used it's NetBIOS how many PCs on the network they look to the PC that is Master browser for the resolution of the name so it's not updating fast enough
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    what could be a remedy?
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    Some things to try........

    Look into the LMHOSTS File and adding Names , that may help

    What is lmhosts?

    LMHOSTS File

    and make sure Netbios is enabled , not just set to Default on all Computers.

    Ethernet network between 3 Windows 10 PCs problem - Windows 10 Forums

    If Samuria is correct you can alter the time between Broadcast for the Master Browser too...

    Ethernet network between 3 Windows 10 PCs problem - Page 2 - Windows 10 Forums
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    Hi there

    What OS is your NAS running.

    If it's a variant on Linux the network connection is probably done by SAMBA. If that's the case is ensure services SMB and NMB are running (or it might be SMBD and NMBD) depending on the Linux variant.

    as root you should be able to see the status by typing :
    systemctl service smb(d) status
    systemctl service nmb(d) status

    Now look in your SAMBA config file -- it's probably in /etc/samba directory. Select smb.conf with an editor - use something like kwrite or any decent editor --- if you don't have one copy it to Windows and use notepad to edit it.

    Check the [global] section.

    You need this to make Windows networking see the server

    #======================= Global Settings =============

    max protocol = SMB3
    # can set it to SMB2 if you want experimental SMB2 support.
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    server string = Samba Server Version %v

    ; max protocol = SMB2

    log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
    max log size = 50
    security = user
    passdb backend = tdbsam
    name resolve order = bcast host lmhosts wins

    You don't need wins but leave it in.
    Windows 10 networking will use SMB3 rather than NetBIOS these days which is deprecated.

    To edit the file and manage services you need to logon as ROOT or under SUDO.

    After updating the file restart both SMB(D) and NMB(D) services.

    systemctl service smb(d) restart
    systemctl service nmb(d) restart

    It will take a few seconds for the NAS to see the windows box but could take 10 / 15 mins for Windows to see it.

    If it doesn't show up after say 5 mins on Windows click on the windows logo on the bottom taskbar and type run.
    From the popup screen type \\servername
    you should then see the accessible files on your server.

    Don't mess around with things like lmhosts --you really don't want to mess around with wins etc on a simple home network. It's fine though to leave it in the samba.cnf file in the [global] section as shown above.

    If you really need to use lmhosts - then you can easily get screwed up each time you re-boot - especially if your router is using DHCP (i.e it assigns dynamic IP addresses rather than fixed ones). The only time you need to use fixed IP addresses on a local LAN are for example if you want things like RDP to connect to your computer when you are OUTSIDE your network - such as on the Internet where you need to port forward specific ports to a particular IP address.

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