Well after trying a zillion fixes for the Network issue on my Windows 10 Pro Anniversary system which none of them worked
I finally formatted the drive and done a clean USB install of Windows 10 Pro Anniversary, And now I can see my computer under the "Network" and I can see all others that are connected! I can also access the other 2 computers (laptop with Windows 10 Home and old XP Pro server) and transfer files.
So it is plain to see that when I done a USB upgrade of the Anniversary update to overwrite that it corrupted the Network files.
Also the laptop was upgraded the same way instead of waiting for the update to come through windows update and I am still getting the same errors when I try to connect to the other computers from the laptop.
So it looks like I am going to do a clean install on the laptop to fix the network issues there.
If I get time over the next few days I will do that and post back here with results.