NovHak said:
I had temporarily stopped searching, but your message renewed my interest, and I finally found more :

This is interesting because it contains schemas for XML wireless network policy files as well as examples. Presumably, one could create such an XML file in some protected directory, then go to HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Wireless\GPTWirelessPolicy, create a string value named Path and containing the path to this policy file.

I'm supposing this out of this post, but didn't try yet. Keep us informed if you ever meet some success ! Of course I will as well.
For the sake of posterity: the wireless network policy uses an MMC snap-in to create a wireless profile. In AD, you can forego the creation and import a wireless profile from Windows 7. Yes--it works in Windows 10. (Including the "authenticate as computer" setting.)

It's just a basic netsh wlan export/netsh wlan add with xtras for:
Prevent connections to ad-hoc networks
Prevent connections to infrastructure networks
Allow user to view denied networks
Allow everyone to create all user profiles
Only use Group Policy profiles for allowed networks

Windows 7 policy settings:
Don't allow hosted networks
Don't allow shared user credentials for network authentication
Enable block period (minutes)