DNS problems following Anniversary Update on my Dell laptop

  1.    15 Aug 2016 #1

    DNS problems following Anniversary Update on my Dell laptop

    I downloaded and installed the Anniversary update on my Dell laptop last week. Since then, I've been having trouble with the laptop's WiFi adapter setting getting changed from "Obtain DNS server address automatically" to "Use the following DNS server address: When this happens the laptop in inundated with ads for all kinds of software to solve Windows 10 problems. If I reset server settings, problems go away for awhile until settings get changed again. I've run full scans of Windows Defender with not problems found. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
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    Welcome to the forum can you set dns to & and see if that works
    Please download Adware cleaner from the link below.
    ToolsLib - Downloads - AdwCleaner
    Save it to your desktop.
    Right click run as admin.
    Hit the scan button.
    Allow completion.
    Make sure all items are ticked.
    Hit the clean button.
    Even if no items are displayed to be ticked hit the clean button anyway.
    The machine will reboot this is normal.
    Post the log in your next reply.
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  3.    16 Aug 2016 #3

    Samuria - Thank you for your reply I'll try your suggestion later today. I'm always leery of downloading unknown software, but I trust that you have tried this successfully. One question though, since my problem seems to stem from my adapter settings being changed from obtain DNS automatically to use this DNS server address, why would changing that address to your recommended address be any better? I'd really like the to stop the settings from being changed instead.
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  4.    16 Aug 2016 #4

    Samuria - Thank you for your reply I'll try your suggestion later today. I'm always leery of downloading unknown software, but I trust that you have tried this successfully. One question though, since my problem seems to stem from my adapter settings being changed from obtain DNS automatically to use this DNS server address, why would changing that address to your recommended address be any better? I'd really like the to stop the settings from being changed instead.
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  5.    17 Aug 2016 #5

    Results from ADW Cleaner

    Samuria - This is the log from ADW Cleaner, seems like a lot of stuff was removed. I'll let you know if problems reoccur. Thanks again

    # AdwCleaner v6.000 - Logfile created 17/08/2016 at 13:41:57
    # Updated on 12/08/2016 by ToolsLib
    # Database : 2016-08-17.2 [Server]
    # Operating System : Windows 10 Home (X64)
    # Username : Michael - GAILSLAPTOP
    # Running from : C:\Users\Michael\Downloads\adwcleaner_6.000.exe
    # Mode: Clean
    # Support : ToolsLib - Forum: Ask for help or share your experience.

    ***** [ Services ] *****

    ***** [ Folders ] *****

    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Program Files (x86)\4C4C4544-1466012094-5010-8030-C7C04F343332
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-0765-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-0775-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-0dc1-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-10a3-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-14f5-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-1aa3-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-1ec5-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-21a1-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2267-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2433-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2463-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2555-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2b81-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2bc3-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2cb5-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-2eb1-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-3065-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-32c7-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-3811-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-3cb7-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-3e33-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-3e67-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-4491-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-47f5-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-4907-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-4c17-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-4ca7-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-5e81-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-62a3-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-6615-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-68b3-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-69f3-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-6f15-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-7191-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-7435-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-74b5-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-74d3-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-76d3-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\320420dc-78e3-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\35101b33-35e1-1
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\35101b33-7153-0
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\e752666a
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\{03415942-312c-0}
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\{09abdd4f-112c-0}
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\{09de735f-212c-0}
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\{0cc97ae5-612c-0}
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\{11b61e1a-312c-1}
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\ProgramData\{14547b71-212c-1}
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\DailyWiki
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\NowUSeeItPlayer
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Roaming\ASPackage
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Roaming\InstantSupport
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ASPackage
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Program Files\Caster
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Program Files (x86)\Max Driver Updater
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Program Files (x86)\PremierOpinion
    [#] Folder deleted on reboot: C:\Program Files (x86)\premieropinion
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\Program Files (x86)\DNSWAXHAW
    [-] Folder deleted: C:\uninst

    ***** [ Files ] *****
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       30 Oct 2016 #6

    A bit late, but this has just been released: Dns Lock v1.0. I have tested it and it seems to be working quite well.
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  7.    30 Oct 2016 #7

    As you can see from the scan your pc is very infected and you had a bad dns changer
    What is dnswaxhaw.exe file

    dnswaxhaw.exe is an infuriating program that is associated with jfghjd Client @@CHANGEIT@@ and is developed by sfgsfg. This file can be used as a replica by malicious hackers to drop other win32 viruses silently from the background. You might found this file located within C:\Program Files (x86)\DNSWAXHAW\ folder. It is detected as nasty PUP by most of the antivirus detection. And thus if you your antivirus have warned about dnswaxhaw.exe then you must check that if it is from any verified owner or not. Follow the removal instructions to remove dnswaxhaw.exe from your PC. Other variants of dnswaxhaw.exe may include:

    We need to do full scans as it will have brought other malware

    Please download MINITOOLBOX and run it.

    Checkmark following boxes:

    Flush DNS
    Reset FF proxy Settings
    Reset Ie Proxy Settings
    Report IE Proxy Settings
    Report FF Proxy Settings
    List content of Hosts
    List IP configuration
    List Winsock Entries
    List last 10 Event Viewer log
    List Installed Programs
    List Users, Partitions and Memory size
    List Devices (problems only)
    Click Go and post the result.

    Please download the wireless test tool from

    Network Scan Tool

    Very important you right click and choose run as admin post results

    Please download and save FRST 64bit or FRST 32 bit to your Desktop.



    Right click to run as administrator (XP users click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File). When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.

    Make sure that Addition option is checked.
    Press Scan button.
    It will produce a log called FRST.txt in the same directory the tool is run from.
    Please copy and paste log back .
    The first time the tool is run it generates another log (Addition.txt - also located in the same directory as FRST.exe/FRST64.exe).

    Disable your antivirus prior to the scan!!
    Download z o e k . e x e version
    Save the file to your desktop.
    Right click Zoek.exe and run as administrator.
    Copy and the items below and paste them into Zoek.

    ipconfig /flushdns;b
    reset chrome;

    Now hit the run script button.
    The log will appear after a reboot, a
    lso you can find it on the C: drive.
    Post the log in your next reply.

    Download the eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV)
    Save the file to your desktop.
    Right click run as administrator.
    A new icon will appear on your desktop.
    Right click run as administrator on new icon.
    Click on the update tab.

    Once you have updated the program, make sure the settings are the same as the picture below.

    Once you have made sure the settings match the picture, hit the Scan & Clean button.
    Upon scan completion, click View Log.

    Copy and paste entire log into your next reply.
    Note: Reboot if needed to remove infections.

    Step 4: Adware Removal Tool.

    Download Adware removal tool to your desktop, right click the icon and select Run as Administrator.

    Hit Ok.

    Hit next make sure to leave all items checked, for removal.

    The Program will close all open programs to complete the removal, so save any work and hit OK. Then hit OK after the removal process is complete, then OK again to finish up. Post log generated by tool.

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