This has irritated me for a while, and I've seen others affected by it. I share folders for Guest access that I want to be able to connect to from any computer in the house (Windows/Android/whatever) without any password or login details at the client end. The folders are all set up with full 'Everyone' access under 'security'. So long as I'm signed in (on the 'server' end) as a 'local' user, everything works just like under previous Windows versions - as long as the Guest user has been enabled. However, if I use a new-fangled Microsoft Account to sign in on this pc, none of the shared folders can be accessed any more, from any machine, whether that machine is Windows or Android. I've seen people surmise in the past (when they too have been affected by this 'feature') that being signed in to a Microsoft Account somehow causes network security to work more like it's a domain machine.

So, basically, I just wondered if anyone has had any bright ideas about this 'feature' and maybe even a way to bypass it from this end, so it just works as intended at the client end?