Hello everyone,

This is my first post to this forum.

I'm attempting to create an incoming VPN connection. My objective is to have access to my media library to play on my mobile devices (iOS) when I'm away from home but otherwise connected to wifi.

A few things to note:

  • My router is a Linksys EA3500
  • All available VPN passthroughs are enabled.
  • Port 1723 is forwarded to the local IP of the host machine (static IP)
  • The incoming connection is configured to assign a range of IP addresses rather than use DHCP. Using
  • My Home PC's access the internet via a VPN service because, well.... reasons.
  • Remote users are allowed to access shared resources (folders, printers, etc.)

I can connect to the VPN from my iOS device as long as I'm on my Home network, and connect to the host via its local IP, however, I cannot access the internet and VLC cannot see my shared media folders, I'm also logging into the VPN as the owner of those folders. When I'm connected to the Home network but not connected to the VPN , VLC can see and read from the shared media folders.

When I am not connected to my home network's access point, I cannot connect to the VPN at all, and yes I remembered to change from the Local IP to the WAN IP in the client settings.

I've read some other similar issues and many pointed to unchecking "use default gateway" to split the tunnel. I have two issues with this.

1) I don't want to split the tunnel, I want all my internet traffic to be routed from the internet connection of the access host and...
2) this doesn't solve the issue of accessing my shared folders that contain my media library.

Any help would be appreciated. if you need more details, please tell me what you need and how to locate the information.