My Wife's Win7 Macine Cannot Access my Win10 Machine. Solved

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  1.    10 Jul 2016 #11

    sml156 said: View Post
    If you sign into your computer with a Microsoft account you use that.
    We tried that. It didn't work.
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  2.    10 Jul 2016 #12

    iamjim said: View Post
    I assume you mean create an entirely new user under my Win10.
    PiKo said: View Post
    Not exactly. What I mean is: create at your PC a new (extra) user with password.
    It sounds to me like we're saying the same thing so you must mean something I don't understand
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  3.    10 Jul 2016 #13

    Well, well, that worked. Thank you so much !!!!!
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  4.    10 Jul 2016 #14

    Glad to hear that it worked. It took a lot of searching in the past to find this solution, when I needed it. Nearly all answers concentrate on sharing and security settings and workgroup/homegroup settings and so on.
    (and I thought that you thought that you had to create a new username for yourself)
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  5.    10 Jul 2016 #15

    It's amazing. That's the slickest solution to local networking yet.
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  6.    13 Jul 2016 #16

    Please tell me if I've worked it through correctly.

    Sally has a PC device with a router for internet access. When Harry met Sally, they hit it off platonically. He spends time at her place with his PC device. He is invited to use the router to get internet access. As their relationship deepens, Sally thinks the two can share a common folder on her PC device.

    Per the instructions offered in this thread, Sally creates a user account on her PC device so the common folder can be given access to this new user.

    Instructive details stopped coming after this.

    Now, Sally isn't ready to commit to Harry this soon. So this user account cannot be Harry's to use via direct access of Sally's PC device. Harry will just have to enjoy access remotely via his own PC device and by way of the router/network to the common folder.

    Does Sally create a username that matches Harry's username on his PC device? With the secret password she created for the account, she signs in and out. Then, from her own account, she grants this account access to the common folder.

    When Harry links into the router/network, his PC device with his username matching the permitted username for access to the common folder, now has access.

    Is this the solution/scenario envisioned?
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  7.    13 Jul 2016 #17

    No. The username can (and I think should) be a different name. Sally, should create a username like myfriend and give it a password. She must then change the sharing and permissions on the folder(s) she wants Harry to have access to. If sally wants to give Harry permission to access her private parts she would go into This PC (or Computer or My Computer) then into Users then right click on her username and follow the red brick road in the screen shots below:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Permissions.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	permissions 2.jpg 
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    I added the image below by mistake and now can't figure out how to delete it
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails permissions 1.jpg  
    Last edited by iamjim; 13 Jul 2016 at 08:48.
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  8.    14 Jul 2016 #18

    So - when Sally creates a useraccount "Carly" and grants it permission to access the common folder, how does that magically allow Harry to access the common folder from his PC device through the network/router?

    When you say the solution worked, how? The dots don't appear to connect. And if the dots do connect, that appears to be a security flaw.

    Edit: I should add that I have two PC, Sally and Harry, both Windows 10 who can't see each other through the same internet access point. Homegroup and workgroup failed.
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  9.    14 Jul 2016 #19

    I'm not sure how a Carly came into this. Maybe I misunderstood you. I meant she should not use Sally for the new user. She can use Harry if she wants. The assumption is that Sally gave Harry the new username she created (whatever it is) and the password for it.
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  10.    15 Jul 2016 #20

    I don't think we are on the same frequency or using the same language.

    How does Harry gain access to the common folder on Sally's PC device without physically touching her device, but through his own PC device via the router/network?

    How does Harry magically accomplish the above if all Sally had to do was to create a useraccount on her PC device and grant it access to the common folder? What would Harry's PC device see, when he visits Sally, logs into her router/network? And why, if the solution works, would Harry see the common folder from his PC device?
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