I have an issue regarding an adapter of Microsoft WiFi miniport adapter.

Previously on my windows 7 Microsoft WiFi miniport adapter was installed when i started a hostednetwork(or a hotspot) through cmd.

But as i upgraded to windows 10(Presently I have windows 10 Pro..Edition 1511..Os Build 10586.420 installed in my pc) When Type following commands(without quotes) in cmd(as an admin)

"netsh wlan show drivers"

It shows

"Hostednetwork Supported: Yes"

That means I can Create a hotspot.

But When I check in my network connections window(in Control Panel) it shows a driver named as "Local Area Connection2".

Although hotspot is created, it never shares internet of my WiFi network(As I have network Connection by means of WiFi using Tp-Link USB Wireless adapter) I am unable to share my internet connection thorugh WiFi.

But As I said before, in windows 7 it shared internet connection through WiFi.

Also When i had checked before in network connections it showed a Microsoft Virtual Wireless Network connection and driver installed is Microsoft WiFi miniport adapter.

So I have a Question as "Does Microsoft WiFi miniport adapter is available for windows 10?"
And If yes there send me a link for downloading it.
And if not try helping me to fix it out.
Waiting for a Reply.