So this has never happened to me before and it's quite annoying. I'm using the Windows 10 Xbox app and I cannot use the party chat feature as I'm having a network error and that's because my Teredo disappears when starting up a game but reappears when my PC is idle, which means I can use chat.

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As you can see, my Teredo address is there and I can use all of the features that require it, but the moment I start up any game, like Dark Souls 3 or Need for Speed, it just vanishes into thin air, like it was never there in the first place any I get disconnected from the party chat.

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I have gone to the Microsoft help pages to try and fix this, such as going through the admin command prompt and disabling it, to then uninstall it through the device manager and then reinstalling it after a restart and enabling it again through the command prompt.

My Windows Firewall is on as it has to be on for Teredo to work and apparently, if "The Teredo IP address is only necessary to take advantage of the Xbox Live multiplayer and party chat features. If your game does not use the Xbox Live service, you’ll want to consult that game’s support site for help on chat and multiplayer issues." this is stupid, I've been using party chat and running my games through the Steam app since last December and never had this issue before and now I suddenly can't use the two together.

All I know is that Teredurp creates a new Internet Protocol Version 6 and I have a feeling that maybe Steam and the Xbox app are clashing, I have no idea but it's stupid that I need like a degree in IT just to run a game and use the Xbox party chat at the same time and even though I wouldn't mind going through a system wipe to clear up my hard-drive, I don't really feel like re-downloading everything as I can't be bothered to back-up important documents if that what is required to fix this issue.

If anyone is able to elaborate on the problem or if someone has a fix, I would greatly appreciate the help.