As per title. I have a NAS (with FreeNAS) on which I've created a folder for my wallpapers. I've got a fair bit (I check every couple of months or so for new ones) and keep them all in one folder, so that all of the computers in the house have access to them, via slideshow. I've got it set to change the wallpaper once a day.

Anyway - I have no issues getting the slideshow set up, finding the folder, etc., etc. - it's only that, when the computer goes to sleep, I find that the wallpaper has been changed, and if I go into the Personalize settings, I see that Windows has lost access to the share, and has instead reverted to some other folder (no idea where it's even at) that seems to have 7-8 of my wallpapers, but that's it.

In any case - I guess my question is : any way to keep the pathway to the shares open even during sleep? I never used to have this problem in W7.