I have an hp laptop that I use as my home computer. I have it connected to a docking station which includes a network connection. The laptop also has an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connection. I have an ATT Uverse Arris router at home. Prior to upgrading my laptop to Windows 10 it was Windows 7. I was able to use the windows remote desktop connection over a vpn connection to connect to my work computer using either the IP address or the computer name with the docking station, the Ethernet port, and wi-fi. Since converting to windows 10 I can only connect to my work computer using the IP address, not the computer name when connected with the docking station or when using the Ethernet port. When I use Wi-Fi in my home, or at a public Wi-Fi access point like a coffee shop I can connect using either the ip address or the computer name. I have confirmed that the network settings for the Ethernet port and the Wi-Fi connection for ipv4 are the same and that ipv6 is not selected. I would prefer to not have to set static ip addresses for remote users on our work network but others who have converted their home computers to windows 10 are experiencing the same issue. Can anyone provide guidance on where to look next?