I recently had to do a clean install of Windows 10 Home x64 (1511 Build 10586.318). Before the clean install I could share and view on my Panasonic TV all the photos / videos stored on my PC. Since the clean install, while all the media locations on my PC are listed in the Windows Media Player Libraries, including my OneDrive, only the OneDrive locations are visible on the TV (Windows appears to automatically add the OneDrive to the list, as if you remove it from the list of libraries it is added again automatically!). The TV is listed in the devices to which the media can be streamed on the Local network.

I also have a Western Digital NAS drive and can stream all media to the TV from this without any problem. Can anybody suggest why the media located in the default Windows Pictures / Video locations cannot be viewed on the TV, while the OneDrive locations are and how I can solve this issue?