I lost the icons for wired PCs on network AND my printer icons changed.

In File Manager>Network I can no longer see two desktop PCs including one I am on now (both wired to network).

Only PC icon that shows up is my Sony laptop connected via wireless.

The two desktops cannot see each other OR themselves. If I use \\computer name in Network I get a Linux looking icon for that PC hard drive so they are definitely on the network but not showing up in Network.

Note: I DO SEE one desktop as a Media device but not as a PC. This was the common complaint in Windows Feedback.

After reviewing Windows Feedback I see many, many people complaining of same thing. Some blamed the March cumulative update and said uninstalling it brought the icons back. I uninstalled the March update but no joy!

I have tried other suggestions to bring back the icons but none have worked. All file and printer sharing and network discovery settings are ON.

I am considering uninstalling the May cumulative update to see if it resolves this annoying issue.

Note that NO ONE had RESOLVED this issue in Feedback. Win 10 updates have been less than good over the last several months and user control is minimal. This is eroding user confidence and bringing regrets of upgrading to the forefront.

Win 10 continues to be problematic causing users to spend endless hours chasing down solutions they should not have to do with in a new OS release!

I don't look in Network often so perhaps I lost them back in March as others claim. I UNINSTALLED the March cumulative update and rebooted but the problem remains on both desktops - not listed but can see the laptop icon. Again the only difference is that the laptop is connected via wireless to the network.

Was trying to scan a document and send it to desktop but printer does not see either desktop which made me look into Network and I discovered the missing icons.

Message to MS - your push to globalize Win 10 may be folly and disastrous over time as the user experience with updates and other issues continues to deteriorate - eventually outweighing the benefits of your new approach to OS.

Also - WHEN, not if, vulnerabilities in Win 10 are exposed in the wild the risk becomes a potential for global meltdown. Think of the Irish famine caused by only planting one kind of potato - when that variety got infected there were no alternatives and a million people died from lack of variety in the food chain. Just saying.