Windows 10: IP Addresses not reusable

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    IP Addresses not reusable

    Well this is a strange one.
    I guess it started when I disabled my onboard LAN and installed a third party network card in my PC and couldn't assign it the same IP as the one the previous card had. Fair enough I thought, maybe the card wants to hold onto it. :)

    I then assigned a new address to the new card using DHCP (normally I manually enter all the details). Once an IP address had been assigned I noted it down and then changed the details from DHCP to manual using that IP address.
    It wouldn't let me do it. Just got the yellow exclamation mark on the network icon.
    So I switched it back to DHCP again and it assigned yet another IP address ( OK so I stuck with that.
    Of course now all the ports in my router are assigned to the wrong IP. When I realised that I tried again to manually assign the old IP back on this card ( Naturally it wouldn't do it. So noting that the computer was on .73 I manually re-entered that number. It wouldn't let me have it and again giving me the yellow exclamation mark on the network icon.
    So I just put it on DHCP again and now it's assign

    Seemingly once I assign an IP to my card I can never reuse it again. So what's going on here ? I've never in all my time experienced this one before, but this is Windows 10.

    I dunno if any of this has anything to do with how laggy the computer can get when there is a lot of WAN traffic (downloading). Something's not right.
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    What are the settings on the router?

    If you are doing MAC address assignments, then change the MAC for that IP assigned.

    Otherwise, I would reboot the router anyways after changing the IP manually, then reboot the system as well.
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    Will check that as soon as I get home. I am starting to think now that it's a router issue and I have such a crap router too. One that is given by the ISP. I may decide to just grab a Draytek Vigor and use their router in Bridge mode.
    Maybe it's not releasing IP addresses or it's what you said about the MAC addresses.
    Will let you know if that solves it.
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    Certainly possible if not releasing IP's.

    As to MAC filtering, I would assume you would remember if you enabled such a scheme on it :)

    Their router the modem as well ? (you mentioned bridge mode for it ...)
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    Yeah I would remember that so no it's not set up that way :)

    It's not in bridge mode yet, just operating as a standard router. But my idea was to buy my own better router and then use theirs in Bridge.
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    Ok, figured that.

    I think you missed my point, if the router is supplied by them, and the modem is a separate entity - you can toss theirs entirely...
    (unless they need it back for $$$ at some point, in which case you toss in a box for later return)

    and hook up your own.

    I never use supplied routers from an ISP for home.
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    IPTables on modern Gateways hold the IP for the MAC up to either a reset flush of IPTables or the lease for it is let go after 30 days.

    Only way around it is to assign a MAC to an IP in the Gateway.
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    Yeah mine does that. I've deleted all the unused devices from the gateway now. Such a crap box it is but we have to use it. So this is why I`ll buy a Draytek now and connect it to my gateway which will be put into Bridge mode.
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    Overkill if you ask me. All that I am doing is using a Cisco RV320 for the Edge Router.

    as for what the ISP is leasing to you. You get what you are paying for. All of them nowdays no longer allow for a Bridged mode. You can only place them into DMZ Plus mode.
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