I've installed Win 10 on our two desktop PCs and one laptop. Clean installs, not upgrades.
Previously they were all running Win 7 Pro/Ultimate. We had network sharing running without issues.
After installing Win 10 I noticed all network profiles were set to Public with network discovery turned off. I turned this on and the profiles were automatically changed to Private. We could then see all our PCs and share files as before.
A few days later I decided to look at the Windows Store, saw a couple of apps and decided to try them. Clicked on the button and immediately got an error message which indicated the issue was with the store. Tried a few other random apps and got the same error. The same thing happened on all three PCs.
I searched and got completely confused as there seemed to any number of issues with the same number of "answers".
In desperation I used System Recovery to set my PC back to a time near to the first install that didn't remove drivers and programs that I didn't want re-install.
This did the trick. But I noticed that my network profile had been reset to Public. With this set I can download apps from the store no problem. But when I enable Network Discovery I lose that ability and get the same error.
So, for some bizarre reason, if we want to install apps from Windows Store we have to manually disable Network Discovery. Alternatively if we want to share files over the network we have to manually enable it.
This really is ridiculous. OK, access to the apps on Windows Store is not one of life's essentials. It certainly isn't as important as being able to quickly share files over the network. But surely we should be able to do both.
What am I missing?